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Mentoring Program Request Help
This page allows new contributors to request personal help from more experienced volunteers.

Seeking Help?

  1. Review the lists below to find someone who has expertise in the area of help you are seeking.
  2. Contact the mentor via their Discussion page, which is listed under the column titled, Mentor
  3. See the following links for more information on:


If you are willing to mentor another user, please fill out the table below of the type of mentoring you can do:
  • Mentor: Link to your User page and Discussion page in this column
  • Status: Indicate if you are willing to accept new users by adding Available or Unavailable here
  • Areas of Expertise/Notes: Add your area of expertise or any additional areas you would specifically like to mentor in.
  • Notes: Add any additional notes here to help individuals determine who might be able to best help them.
  • Mentoring: Help the contributor add their username to the Mentoring column to show you are mentoring them if they have not already.
See below for additional instructions for Mentors.

General Contributors

Mentor Status Areas of Expertise Notes Mentoring
sbfunk Available Beginning contributors and FHC pages Currently serving in Wiki Support
James Tanner Available Contributors both beginning and advanced Currently acting on the Wiki Support Team


Mentor Status Areas of Expertise Notes Mentoring


Mentor Status Areas of Expertise Notes Mentoring

Wiki Care and Maintenance

Mentor Status Areas of Expertise Notes Mentoring
Sandralpond Patrolling

Additional Notes for Mentors

  • Be watching for e-mails that will notify you of comments on your Discussion page.
  • Please add the template to your talk page.
  • Chat tools such as Skype can help make mentoring easier. Filling in your areas of expertise and any additional notes about yourself and your experience will help the user seeking help to determine which mentor might be able to help him/her. After you have agreed to help a user, please teach him/her how to sign their name under Mentoring column.
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