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Mentoring Program Request Help
Contact a mentor below to help you get started in contributing to the Wiki.

Seeking Help?

Contact the individual in the list below who would be a good fit for your interests on the Wiki. The Mentor has included below how they would best like to be contacted
If it links to their talk page, simply edit the page, scroll down to the bottom, and make your request there. Be sure you sign into the Wiki on a regular basis so that you can watch for additions to your Talk page. (In addition to getting an email, you will see a message at the top of every wiki page that you have a message.)

General Contributors

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Areas of Expertise
How to
Contact Me
James Tanner

All levels of contributing; currently acting on the Wiki Support Team Email me

All levels of contributing; working with the Community Council, U.S. State and County Pages Talk Page

All levels of contributing; currently acting on the Wiki Support Team Talk Page
Charles Smith

All levels of contributing; currently serving in Wiki Support Email me


If you are willing to mentor another user, please fill out the table above:
  • Mentor: Link to your User page in this column
  • Areas of Expertise/Notes: Add the areas you would specifically like to mentor in, or any other notes here to help individuals determine who might be able to best help them.
  • How to contact me: Link to your user talk page or your email address here, depending on how you would like to be contacted.

Additional Notes for Mentors

  • Be watching for e-mails that will notify you of requests that come to your Talk page.
  • Please add the {{Discussion Conventions}} template to your Talk page.

  • We are working on a process for bringing in new volunteers with what needs to be taught. We'll keep you in the loop on how it comes together.
  • Chat tools such as Skype can help make mentoring easier.
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