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:*Notice (for less specific messages)
:*Notice (for less specific messages)
{{Translation needed}}
{{Translation needed|de|FamilySearch_Wiki:Wartungs-Vorlagen}}
{{Translation needed|es|FamilySearch_Wiki:Plantillas de mantenimiento}}
{{Translation needed|fr|FamilySearch_Wiki:Modèle de maintenance}}
{{Translation needed|it|FamilySearch_Wiki:Template di servizio}}
{{Translation needed|ja|FamilySearch_Wiki:テンプレート メッセージの一覧/メンテナンス}}
{{Translation needed|ko|FamilySearch_Wiki:유지 관리 템플릿}}
{{Translation needed|pt|FamilySearch_Wiki:Predefinições de manutenção}}
{{Translation needed|ru}}
{{Translation needed|sv|FamilySearch_Wiki:Åtgärdsmallar}}
{{Translation needed|zh|FamilySearch_Wiki:模板消息/维护}}
{{Contributor help-navbox}} {{Editing help|state=uncollapsed}}  
{{Contributor help-navbox}} {{Editing help|state=uncollapsed}}  
{{H-langs|en=FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates|es=FamilySearch Wiki:Plantillas de mantenimiento}}
{{H-langs|de=FamilySearch Wiki:Wartungs-Vorlagen|en=FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates|es=FamilySearch Wiki:Plantillas de mantenimiento|fr=FamilySearch Wiki:Modèle de maintenance|it=FamilySearch_Wiki:Template di servizio|pt=FamilySearch Wiki:Predefinições de manutenção}}

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Several maintenance template flags are ready for use in the Wiki. There are three things to be aware of for each maintenance template flag:

  1. Monitor the usage of each flag by viewing the category page for each template. Click here to review the categorized maintenance reports.
  2. Use the Talk page for ongoing discussion about the use of the flag.
  3. Documentation for each template is on every Template and Category page.

The Maintenance Template Flags ready for use are:

Template Flag Name Template Flag Image

The Etobicoke Family History Portal is getting a facelift. Please bear with us whilst this process evolves, and stay tuned for loads of great content to assist with your Family Research.

Please add any comments to the talk page.

This question or concern is currently unresolved.

To Do: 

Maintenance Flag Monitoring

For a quick way to monitor the category pages for each template, simply copy and paste the following text onto your own user page:

File Message boxes

See also Category:File message boxes for message boxes about:

  • Description missing
  • Disputed source
  • Duplicate
  • No license
  • No permission
  • No source
  • Notice (for less specific messages)