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* [[Create an internal link]]<br>
* [[Create an internal link]]<br>
* [[How to write a Did You Know? article for the Main Page]]
* [[How to write a Did You Know? article for the Main Page]]
* [[How to write a News and Events article for the Main Page|How to write a&nbsp;News and Events article for the Main Page]]
* [[How to write a News and Events article for the Main Page|How to write a&nbsp;News and Events article for the Main Page]]
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For a list of all current help documents, click on the category Help link at the bottom of this page.

How-to Articles Coming Soon


  1. Search for an article or topic - This article describes the basic and advanced search features. In addition, the Search Tips will help you discover other ways to find the information you are seeking.


How to author is currently a requested page. This subject may be answered in part by the following articles:

Articles being considered for inclusion in this topic of discussion are:

  • How to Format an article
  • How toCite sources
  • What you need to kno w before authoring


  1. How to Categorize an article
  2. How to Create categories
  3. How to remove a category from a page
  4. When should a category be removed from a page


  1. When does an image qualify to be added to ...
  2. How to add sufficient metadata to images and submit for review.
  3. How do I know when review is complete.


  1. How to add boxes to a portal page
  2. How to write "Did you know?" and "News Items"

How-to Articles Already Written

  1. Edit a page
  2. Upload a file or image
  3. Delete or archive a page

Proposed How-to Articles

Proposed How-to Articles Related to Portal Pages

  1. Edit a portal page
  2. Add to the directory of portals

Proposed How-to Articles Related to Flagging

  1. Flag duplicates
  2. Flag title ambiguity
  3. Flag an article that’s not in English
  4. Flag a page needing expert attention
  5. Flag bias
  6. Flag a stub
  7. Flag for verification
  8. Build list of articles flagged as duplicates
  9. Discuss merger of flagged articles
  10. Merge the articles flagged as duplicates
  11. Edit flagged titles
  12. Adjudicate flagged articles based on policy
  13. Build list of titles flagged for ambiguity
  14. Libel or Copyright Infringement.
    • Flag for libel or copyright infringement.
    • Generate list of articles flagged
    • Record research notes on articles flagged
  15. Speedy Deletion
    • Flag for Speedy Deletion: Regular users can’t delete an article. (Only Administrators can.) Regular users need to be able to flag articles for speedy deletion.
    • Find Speedy Deletion policy speedily.
    • Discuss articles flagged for Speedy Deletion. (It may not be obvious whether the article should be deleted; discussion is sometimes necessary.)
    • Adjudicate flagged articles according to policy.
    • Delete articles flagged for Speedy Deletion.

Additional Proposed How-to Articles

  1. Undo archive or delete
  2. How non-image files are reviewed
  3. Redundancy: Finding & Merging Duplicate Articles
  4. Recategorize an article
  5. Quickly find guidelines for article merging
  6. Print or copy an article or screen
  7. Disambiguation of titles
  8. Quickly find disambiguation guidelines
  9. Page Blanking
  10. Lock Pages
  11. Know where to start
  12. Communicate new issues (give feedback)
  13. Define terms used on pages
  14. Define tabs and what they are used for
  15. Toolbox selections
  16. Join a discussion group
  17. Explain permanent link
  18. Create a subpage
  19. Communicate new issues (give feedback)
  20. Nominate a good article
  21. Apply for featured article status
  22. Add a section
  23. Merge pages
  24. Move a page

Note: For definitions of any of these functions, see Wikipedia.org.