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FamilySearch Wiki Needs Volunteers to Help...

Many Hands Make Light Work...

Everyone knows at least a little bit about something or someplace. The information you contribute could be exactly what someone else needs to connect with or add to their family history.

Volunteer Wiki

Pages & Projects That Need Your Help

Beginner Projects

1. Pick a County you would like to work on from the table on this page, Newspapers  (Follow instructions on the page)
2.  Start with the Wiki Idaho State page. Go to the county you wish to work on and find Newspapers.
3. Historical Newspapers need to be located and listed on the County pages. Go to the Idaho State Historical Society pages
Then to Idaho newspapers, this page has the counties list and the names of the papers and years when they were published.

Be sure to checking for broken links or add categories to each page.

Stub Pages

A "Stub" is a page containing a limited amount of information. If you need help learning about stub pages and how to add information to them, click here: Instructions for filling out stub articles. Follow a link below to help fill out pages that need more information:
1. Work on a stub article, stub articles are pages with some information on them. More can be put on the page; there is no specific size at which an article stops being a stub. Articles need to be cover adequately. With only a few short paragraphs may cover the subject of the article. Read about Stubs 
2.Go to Stub page pick a stub article you would like work on. 

Instructions for moderator: To see all of the stub articles for your locality click here...See the locality in Stub Types.

Wanted Pages

A "Wanted Page" is a page that doesn't yet exist, but someone created a link to it, showing that they want a page on that topic created. For online classes to learn how to create a new page or wiki article click here: Creating a Wiki Article Searching for and Creating Articles.
Follow the red links below to create a requested Wanted page:
1. Go to Wanted pages a topic)
2. Search the wiki to be sure there are no pages that could be used for the link. On the Wiki many links to templates that do not exist. Adding the needed templates will add content to the wiki and make it more informative and helpful to the community, as well as add validity to the pages that contain the links.
3. Do research on the topic, pictures may be added, make sure there is no copywriter to the photo.
You need to read the FamilySearch Wiki:Policies You need to read the FamilySearch Wiki:Policies
Look through more wanted pages here

Other Help Wanted Projects

If there are other areas of the FamilySearch Wiki you would like to volunteer for, we have a Wiki Help Wanted page that lists additional projects and areas where help is needed.