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| image = Elkhorn Tavern, Pea Ridge, Arkansas.gif
| image = Elkhorn Tavern, Pea Ridge, Arkansas.gif
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Featured Articles/outstanding contributor

January 2012

England Census

Lincoln protecting Potawatomi.jpg
Illinois History

Place Setting.jpg
FamilySearch Wiki:Etiquette Guidelines

Elkhorn Tavern, Pea Ridge, Arkansas.gif
Arkansas in the Civil War

Tiree, Balephuil Bay.jpg
Finding Your Ancestors in Scotland before 1855

Czech Republic Jewish History

220px-Modlin spichlerz.jpg
Poland Civil Registration- Vital Records

220px-Koala climbing tree.jpg
Australia Archives and Libraries

December 2011

135px-Salvador BA.jpg
Brazil Catholic Church Records

220px-Natural bridge in Bryce Canyon.jpg
WikiProject Utah

250px-Nurembergsynagoguec Germany.jpg
German Jewish Records

Family History Activities for Children: 3-11

Apprenticeship- Shoemaker.jpg
Apprenticeship in England

Merthyr Tydfil Central Library family history room.JPG
Family History for Beginners

Illinois Vital Records

Family Road Map.PNG
Family group record: roadmap for researchers

Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap.jpg
A New Nation 1789-1859

November 2011

220px-BM; 'MF' RM1 - The King's Library, Enlightenment 1 'Discovering the world in the 18th Century ~ View South.jpg
British Sources for Previous Research

Tracing Immigrant Origins

Aberystwyth Wales.jpg
Wales Societies

Adair County, Kentucky Courthouse.JPG
Adair County, Kentucky

October 2011

Baltimore County, Maryland Courthouse.JPG
Baltimore County, Maryland

450px-St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.jpg
Scotland Church Records Union Lists

A Glossary of Genealogical Terms

Hamburg bei Sankt-Pauli um 1900.jpg
Hamburg Passenger Lists

Ensenada Grande.jpg
Mexico, Baja CA / Sur States Catholic Church Records

Icon project.png
Help:Creating a new WikiProject

Rock of Cashel.jpg

Humboldt River camp drawing 1859.jpg
California Trail

Niagara Falls, New York.jpg
FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject New York

Finland Church Records

Coat of Arms2.jpg
How to Find a Coat of Arms or Crest

Illinois Map.png
FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Illinois

United States Naturalization and Citizenship

Russian Flag.jpg
Germans from Russia Archives and Libraries

Voyage of the Catalpa.jpg
Ireland Emigration and Immigration

Question Dice.jpg
Guessing a Name Variation

Roman Forum.jpg

How to Guess Where to Start

Abbeville County, South Carolina

September 2011

McHenry County Courthouse.gif
McHenry County, Illinois

Papua New Guinea tribesman.jpg
Papua New Guinea

New Netherland

Who wants to be a Family History Millionaire?

Williamson County Courthouse.gif
Williamson County, Illinois

Cherokee Confederates Reunion.gif
American Indians in the Civil War

Anderson County, Kentucky Couthouse.JPG
Anderson County, Kentucky

Lake Coeur d'Alene.jpg
FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Idaho

Jimmy Parker 002.jpg
Jimmy Parker
Indian Annuity.jpg
American Indian Annuity Rolls
American Indian Genealogy
Bison in Yellowstone.jpg
Indians of North America

Keukenhof tulips.jpg
Intro to the Netherlands

England Major Websites

Simadalsfjorden 3.jpg

Chickamauga, Georgia Battle.jpg
Georgia in the Civil War

August 2011

Reading of a Will.jpg
England Probate Records

Cliff in Okinawa.jpg

Barbados beach.jpg

Australian Flag.jpg

Edmund Randolph.jpg
Randolph County, Illinois

250px-British Isles Euler diagram svg.png
British Isles

Cherokee Confederates Reunion.gif
American Indians in the Civil War

Brazil flag map.PNG

Sgt Major Christian Fleetwood.jpg
African American Military Records

Anderson County, Kentucky Couthouse.JPG
Anderson County, Kentucky

Brick wall 2494.jpg
Solving Tough Research Problems—Overcoming Brick Walls

Lourdes 2011-05-24 22-25-32.jpg
Italy Civil Registration- Vital Records

German Research on the Internet - an Overview -complete handout

Champaign County Courthouse.gif
Champaign County, Illinois

How to Cite FamilySearch Collections

Question mark with feet.jpg
Guessing the Easiest to Research Person and Event

Dubrovnik city.jpg

German Research on the Internet - an Overview -complete handout

Apsaroke horse trappings.jpg
Indians of Idaho

Siksika or Blackfoot -Iron-Breast-and-family.jpg
Tribal Prototype

July 2011

Family Tech.png
FamilySearch Community Tools

Texas Birth Records (10-0045) Example 2 DGS.jpg
Texas Birth Records (FSHC)

United States

Panama Flag.PNG

Vital Records.jpg
Hawaii Vital Records

Chickamauga, Georgia Battle.jpg
Georgia Military Records


Gem upclose.gif
Gem County, Idaho

Battle of Gettysburg by Currier and Ives.png
Beginning United States Civil War Research

Germans from Russia


Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States.png
United States History

Research Logs

Lesson 3 Apple tree.jpg
Involve Children and Youth in Family History

NGS2010 125.png
FamilySearch Research Wiki: Why I Participate

Pioneers Crossing the Plains of Nebraska by C-1-.C.A. Christensen.png
Tracing LDS Ancestors

Russia St. Petersburg Lutheran Church Records Marriage.jpg
Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates (FamilySearch Historical Records)


Flag of Scotland.jpg

Writing in journal.jpg
Document AS YOU GO!

June 2011

Dublin Four Courts and the Liffy River.jpg
Ireland Civil Registration

New Caledonia and Vanuatu map.png

Arizona flag.png

Hindu Pilgrimage Sites Map.JPG

Family History Activities for Youth

May 2011

Gretna Greens in the United States

Haller's Army

April 2011

Fort sumter 1861 Battle.jpg
South Carolina in the Civil War

Vicksburg h7655k.jpg
United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865

Colour-bearers of the 71st Illinois.jpg
71st Regiment, Illinois Infantry

124 goshen ny infantry regiment monument.jpg
124th Regiment, New York Infantry

4th United States Colored Infantry.jpg
United States Colored Troops in the Civil War

March 2011

South Carolina oaks.jpg
South Carolina

August 2010

LDS genealogy library slc utah.jpg
Family History Library

Tennessee flag.png

Siksika or Blackfoot -Iron-Breast-and-family.jpg
American Indians

William of Orange1580.jpg
The Netherlands

June 2010


Westminster Palace at sunset.jpg

Vital Records.jpg
Alabama Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

April 2010

Siksika or Blackfoot -Iron-Breast-and-family.jpg
Indians of Montana

Y ddraig goch.png


St Marys Church Acton Cheshire.jpg
Cheshire England Parishes

February 2010

Brandenburger Tor Blaue Stunde.jpg

New York Census

Pacific island scene.jpg
Pacific Island Guide to Research

January 2010

MD Ship The Dove.png
Maryland History

Kentucky Confederate Home.jpg
US Military Old Soldiers Home Records

Czech Republic