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FAQ Index of Topics

See also FamilySearch Wiki:Questions, for other places to get answers.

General FAQs

  • Overview FAQ – General questions about the FamilySearch Wiki project.
  • Readers' FAQ – Finding, reading and using FamilySearch Wiki material.
  • Schools' and Teachers' FAQ – Using FamilySearch Wiki in the classroom.
  • Organizations and societies FAQ – Guidelines for organizations and societies about how you are represented in FamilySearch Wiki.
  • Contributing FAQ – Why you might want to contribute to the FamilySearch Wiki, and how you can do it.
  • Editing FAQ – The ins and outs of creating and editing FamilySearch Wiki pages.
  • Administration FAQ – What an administrator (or "sysop") is, sysop status, and server administration.
  • Technical FAQ – Questions about FamilySearch Wiki software and hardware and their limitations.
  • Problems FAQ – Questions relating to past or present difficulties and criticism.
  • Article subjects' FAQ – Questions relating to an article about you, someone you represent, or your organization.
  • Copyright FAQ – Questions pertaining to copyright issues.
  • Miscellaneous FAQ – Everything else.

Specific FAQs

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