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Liason meetings: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m. on alternate weeks of GS-WAC and Community Council. Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 0424, click Attend Meeting

Liasons: 4/24/2013: David Dilts, Lynda Avery, Wilma Adkins. New liason for Support is Robin Foster (instrumental with getting our presence on Facebook, blogger, etc.) replacing Lynda Avery.


  • Transparency: Making an effort to be open about activities in order to avoid surprises and duplication of effort.
  • Improved communication: Each group needs to know what is going on with another group. Also the community.
  • Collaboration: Hope to generate synergy, pool ideas, work together on projects.

8 May 2013

Colors -- school bus yellow, fuchia -- not appropriate - more pastel background. Moderator can suggest to the person. Make a rule?

2013 April 24

Discussed purposes GS-WAC issues:

  • Global maps -- David will ask
  • Strategy -- to help management know we are trying to reach beginners;
  • Business reports -- working on this with Janell and others
  • Wiki page formatting -- Where to place a table for beginners, and other formatting problems.
  • Metadata for Historical Records -- working on a way to generate the metadata by computer; purpose is to bring users to the pages. On the verge of that happening now, will shorten the time and make a better process.
  • Volunteer pages -- a form was put on by Support and have over 30 signed up. Some look very trained.
  • Photo uploads in Wiki: Support trying to get engineers to make it more instructive re: license, etc. -- at top of list when "new skin" problems are fixed. -- no search box, tables were a problem; wiki has so many convoluted pieces, makes it difficult. Wider screens created a lot of (wasted) blank space, images were coming up huge again.
  • Moderator things to do page: Support has made some changes to the page, have taken the questions off the page and sent them directly to the form. (Lynda did this in the last few days.)
    • Support will be sending a mass mailing to recruit moderators and contact them on a 1/1 basis.
  • Digital Online Collection pages: Pretty good for US, 3-5 European countries now have similar pages; placement on the page
  • Main goal of the GS-WAC: what are the priorities? One is to get a higher % of FamilySearch Center staff using the Wiki

Community WAC

  • Moderators and adopters need to be aware of or involved in even small projects that missionaries are doing.
    • Some projects are global -- should all of them be notified? Creating the project, then asking is sometimes unavoidable, but for the most part first contact is better.
  • Missionary projects need to heed to the information already present. Use the dispute and resolution process.
    • If it is put on the talk pages, the support missionaries patrol the talk pages and bring issues to a knowledgeable person to check them. This process calls the attention and gets them to where they can be helped.
    • Also use the email function to that person to alert them.
    • Or put it their user talk page. It must be saved twice, if they don't have a talk page, in order to bring it to the attention of Support.