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| [[User:Evancol|evancol]]  

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Do you enjoy meeting and communicating with others?  Do you use Forums and Discussion pages? Then you could be a valuable asset to the Contributor Support committee.  Good communication skills and a desire to help answer questions and connect with the community would be helpful qualities for members of this committee.

Members of this committee will:

  • Help implement better communication between Community members through the Discussion pages and Forums and assist in answering questions posted on those pages, as well as the Help and Policy Discussion pages.
  • Help to interface and connect with the Community through the Wiki Facebook page and Feedback.  
  • Help support Wiki Projects

See Also:

You can help

If you would like to share your talents and knowledge by participating in this committee, sign up here by indicating:

  • Username: Link to your User page and Discussion page in this column
  • Areas of Expertise: Add your area of expertise or any additional information  you would like to include.  Also, indicate if you would be willing to be a Chairman for this committee.

Username Areas of Expertise
evancol Support Team, US State and County Pages, Adopter/Moderator

Training is provided in each of these areas - if you're interested in helping,
but not sure where you would best fit, contact us!