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| <center>[[Image:Important.png|100px|Important.png]]</center>
| <center>[[Image:Important.png|80px|Important.png]]</center>
| '''Contributing to the Wiki in an area can help you learn more about records available there!'''
| <center><span style="font-size: .82em;">'''Tip:&nbsp;Pick an area where you don't know much, but would like to know more;''' contributing to the Wiki will encourage you to learn.</span></center>

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Tip: Pick an area where you don't know much, but would like to know more; contributing to the Wiki will encourage you to learn.

Would you like to add to the Wiki in a specific area where you have experience? And collaborate with others who are interested in building the wiki in those areas too? 

  1. Sign up below by clicking to Edit This Page and adding your name and the specific location where you are researching.
  2. Contact others who are researching in the same area through their Talk Pages. Discuss with them about how you can work together to make the wiki better in that area.

How do I contact other researchers?

North America

  • BatsonDL - New York, Ohio, Illinois
  • McBrideLW – Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Canada
  • pnh - Utah, Massacusetts, Maine, Illinois, Iowa
  • HarrisonJB - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
  • Murphynw - Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee
  • Carol B. Moss - New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio. Michigan, Oregon, Washington, California
  • Klk3 - Mass, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas
  • Lynda - Ohio, New York
  • AdkinsWH - Utah project
  • Hendricksonp - Utah, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York
  • Markhammj - Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont
World Map.jpg

Central/South America