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The Wiki Contributors Meeting is held on Thursdays at 1:00 PM (MTN) Frequently, there are discussions about ideas that could be implemented and possibly evolve into projects, but no resolution is reached. Those proposals will be listed here and they will be updated as needed, so that they will not be forgotten.

Date of Discussion Title Priority Decision
7 Feb 2013 Surname Project Low Tabled to a later date: no owner, requires change to core purpose
7 Feb 2013 SEO Experiment Medium In discussion & testing
17 January 2013 Add "to do" page for Moderators Medium Needs to be re-visited
14 Feb 2013; 21 Feb New tabs forced when there are links for so you don't lose where you are in the wiki. David will talk to people who could help; Steve tried a template Complicated?
21 Feb 2013 News and events Seldom updated: Council suggested wiki should direct users to better sources rather than add "news" in Wiki  ? Danielle will work with Marilyn Markham
28 Feb 2013 Family History catalog is supposed to be included in Worldcat Info Check in a few months