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This page can be used by any person who wishes to raise an issue with the Wiki Community Council. This could be a proposal, an idea or some other issue that needs highlighting.

Once a request has been discussed by the Council it will be added to the Issue Log


  • I've recently noticed parish pages in England has or will have a dropdown menu of every parish in its county. I focus on Suffolk, so 500 additional links will be put on every parish page in that county. Every parish links to every parish. This idea lacks vision of how these pages will look next year and thereafter, an serves a limited purpose. I have used the function of 'what links here' to see how the pages are developing but now that function is useless since everything is linked to everything. I've created a frame work on the Suffolk_Civil_Registration page that breaks down the parishes into hundreds and districts, nobody has yet to build on what I have created. I believe the community council should give some thought into this matter. Donjgen 07:25, 3 December 2013 (UTC)
    Hi Don, I agree that the navboxes that list all the parishes, for example {{Suffolk}} that are being deployed on the English parish pages could do with some tweaking. I believe that a link to the page listing all the parishes of that county is useful, but I'm not convinced that repeating this on every parish page via the navbox seems is that helpful. I will discuss this with the other Community Council members to gather their thoughts on the issue. --Steve (talk| contribs) 17:49, 5 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Please discuss adding Surname pages to the Wiki (Lee Drew, via Wilma Adkins, Feb 4, 2013.)
  • Side bars on main locality pages (countries or US states) - remove the "News and Events" section (received via email)
  • Please take a look at the Talk page for Disambiguation. There are issues unresolved since 2009 which still seem valid. I'm trying to clean up the Unresolved category. averyld 22:06, 4 April 2013 (UTC)