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To be advocates of the FamilySearch Research Wiki and help promote the Wiki to the genealogy community, and to be advocates of the Wiki Community to FamilySearch through the some of the following:

  • Serve as “ambassadors” for the Wiki.
  • Make recommendations to FS for improving the wiki.
  • Work with FamilySearch or the community on special projects as needed.
  • Support the FamilySearch Genealogical Services Council in plans to grow the Wiki community.


  • Serve as the voice of the Wiki community (non FS related members) on issues, liaison between FS and the community at large.
  • Advisory board for determining expectations of moderators/adopters.
  • Keep the Wiki community at large advised of new programs/policies impacting Wiki, designate a place to publish these, and publish in a timely fashion.
  • Actively participate in issues involving governance.
  • Take escalation issues from the Mediation Committee.
  • Determining actions in relation to adopters/moderators.
  • Track and ensure correct process followed to either change existing policies or implement new policies/procedures.
  • Take issues without precedence to the Governance Board.
  • Two members of the Council will sit on the Governance Board.
  • Representative from committee to serve on the Mediation Committee.


There will be a Community Liaison who will be the point of contact for FS, and who will be responsible for presenting material from and to FS in a clear, unbiased manner. This person will also serve as the Council Chair. The term shall last for a period of 1 year. The Community Liaison/Council Chair does not vote except in the case of a tiebreaker. The Chair will also serve on the Governance Board.

In addition to the Council Chair, there will be positions for 5 Council members. In the beginning, three members will serve a one year term and three members will serve a two year term. After the first year, all terms will be 2 year terms. One Council member, chosen by the Council, will also serve on the Governance Board.

Two additional spots will be reserved for contributors from non-English speaking countries who help with the non-English language wikis. They will join the community when they are nominated and ready.

The Council will initially be formed by soliciting community nominations and a one-time selection committee will choose from the nominees. Subsequent to this, yearly elections will be held to fill any expiring terms. The Support Team will oversee nominations and the election.

FamilySearch employees will not be considered for a position on the Community Council.

Removal: Disciplinary action on the wiki will result in an automatic termination of Council position.

Nominations of anyone who has been previously blocked or banned will not be accepted.


The Council will meet virtually every 2 weeks initially, and evaluate the frequency of meetings going forward. In addition, the Chair may call for a special meeting based on need, or at the request of FS.

Initial Responsibilities

  • Appoint a recording secretary.
  • Determine who is serving for 1 year and who is serving for 2 years.
  • Discuss and clarify Purpose
  • Discuss additional needs of Wiki Community
  • Determine the criteria/qualifications for future nominations to the Community Council.
  • Follow up on dispute resolution process and ensure that appropriate steps are in place.
  • Discuss creation of ad hoc committee with members from larger genealogical organizations to determine how we could partner effectively with them.
  • If a member of the council needs to step down, what's the process?