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Style guideline proposal - A conversation on this issue is found on the discussion page. Once consensus is reached, a Manual of Style guideline will be added to this page.

Every article should belong to at least one category. The categories to be included, which serve as classifications, should be the significant (useful) topics to which the subject of the article most closely belongs to as a member, and where users are most likely to look if they can't remember the name of the thing they are trying to look up.

Articles which can reasonably be placed in a sub-category of a topic should be assigned to that sub-category. Adding or retaining the category for the parent topic is not to be done except in rare instances.

Categories which have large numbers of pages and can be broken into sub-categories should have this done. Pages should be moved into an appropriate sub-category when one has been established and removed from the parent category.

Further information: Advanced Categorization