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Finding my ancestor using the wiki

The Wiki can be a useful tool in locating our ancestors. Although it is not a place where you will find a specific name, going through a process of searching and following links can lead researchers to the needed information.  

Excellent advice for this process and information for a researcher can be found on:

To use the Wiki in searching for an ancestor, 

  • Think about what you want to know about the ancestor
  • Consider the location where that event may have happened
  • Think about other records that may possibly contain the information you need
  • Work backward, rather than forward (look for a death record before searching for a marriage record)
  • Think about the record trail that we all leave behind
  • It is helpful to know:
  • A time period
  • A possible location

Search Examples

The following case studies show how researchers used the Wiki to lead them to further information about their ancestors.

Example using vital records
Example Finding Information about a locality.jpg

Finding a person.jpg