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::'''         Research advice'''
::'''         Research advice'''
:::'''  Videos to help you get started'''
:::'''  Videos to help you get started''' [[Researching in the FamilySearch Wiki: A Case Study|click]]
'''To use the Wiki in your search for ancestral records you will need to be prepared.'''  
'''To use the Wiki in your search for ancestral records you will need to be prepared.'''  

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Welcome to FamilySearch Wiki!

The FamilySearch Wiki is not about finding the names of your ancestors.  It is not, in fact, about finding people at all.  The Wiki is about finding documents that might have been generated about your ancestors, perhaps even official documents written by your ancestors. It is a vast record depository for countries all over the world.  In fact, the Wiki contains records from 244 countries. To see an alphabetized list of the countries just click. You will be able to find documents such as census records, marriage records, birth records, death records, and land and title records. Your ancestors and the stories of their lives are to be found in those documents and records. Here on the Wiki you will find: 

                Links to record collections
         Research advice
  Videos to help you get started click

To use the Wiki in your search for ancestral records you will need to be prepared.

  1. Think about what you want to find about your ancestor.  Be specific.
  2. Consider the location where that event might have happened.
  3. Think about which specific records might contain the information you are seeking.
  4. Work backward instead of forward.  Look for a death or marriage record before looking for a birth record. We generate more and more records the older we become.
  5. Consider the record/document trails that all of us leave behind.

It is helpful to know the following two pieces of information before you begin your search:

  1. A possible location where your ancestor may have lived. 
  2. A  general time frame of the time between their births and their deaths.

Valuable Resources

Additional research advice can be found on:

One of the following articles can help you decide where to look first for a puzzling:

For information about contributing to the wiki:

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