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I am arbitrating batches of "Mc" names. As an arbitrator I hate to needlessly "ding" an indexer when instructions allow for two ways of doing things but the arbitration system requires a choice as in Mc and Van prefixes.  
rect 153 32 0 0 [[FamilySearch Indexing: US, WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Overview]]
rect 308 32 0 0 [[FamilySearch Indexing: US, WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Project Updates]]
rect 474 31 0 0 [[FamilySearch Indexing: US, WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Additional Helps]]
rect 629 33 0 0 [[FamilySearch Indexing: US, WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, FAQ]]
desc none
The instructions say: "Indexing with a space or without a space after the prefix is acceptable."
[[Catefory: FamilySearch Indexing]]
The User's Guide says: "Sometimes it is difficult to tell from the way surnames with prefixes are written on the&nbsp;original record whether there is a space between the prefix and the surname. Either way<br>is correct. The system overlooks spaces."
The system does not overlook spaces for arbitration purposes. &nbsp;I am sure it will for searching purposes.
If instructions clearly directed indexers to go one way or the other it would save much arbitration and unnecessary "dings" to indexers. &nbsp;For those who care about their scores, please clear up this matter. &nbsp;Just in case you are going to say, "Type what you see," I will let indexers know that, until I hear otherwise, I take preference on the NO SPACE. You will not be "dinged" by me.
TIP:&nbsp;New Indexers may think that a TAB to leave the space blank and CNTR B to place &lt;BLANK&gt; in the space is the same thing. It isn't. &nbsp;Arbitrators are forced to "ding" you if you do not follow instructions carefully. TAB is used for non-required fields and BLANK for required fields. &nbsp;
I am now trying to index batch #005247378(93) and it will not allow me to input any Birth Months??
I am indexing batch #005247185(186) and it will not allow me to input any Birth Months, what should I do?
<u>Obviously Citizenship in Great Britain is a problem for many of us</u>.&nbsp; In [Part 2A]/005217788[130] I have British Citizens born in Ireland, and the British West Indies (BWI), yet in 2 of&nbsp;the 3 they simply list "British" for their nationality/citizenship.&nbsp; I'm using the more specific location for birth, but the more&nbsp;general "Great Britain" for their citizenship.&nbsp;&nbsp;In part, this is because we do not know if they have changed residences elsewhere in the Empire.&nbsp; We do need more clarification.&nbsp;
<u></u><u>Country Name of Great Britain or Ireland during 1917 and 1918</u>: On records 4 and 5, at least, of Film 005216208, batch 188, two men list their country as a version of Great Britain, Ireland. Per Wikipedia, Ireland was part of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland" during 1917 and 1918. Would it be helpful to list that as one of the Lookup countries? The Republic of Ireland split from the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1922. Since there is no way of knowing whether the Ireland mentioned was what became Ireland or Northern Ireland, the official name used then seems helpful. '''Index Ireland'''
<u>Europe as a Country:</u> When both a Country, like Romania and Europe are listed with a town, do we use Romania for the Country, or Europe? The Nation of Citizenship is listed as Romania. I don't mean to be redundant, but Europe isn't a country and if someone is doing research, they would look for Romania as the Country and not Europe, wouldn't they? Thank you for you time. SB # 187889357 Record #11 <br> '''Index Romania'''
Sometimes there are discrepancies between the names listed at the top of the card and the signature at the bottom.&nbsp; In that case, which spelling do we use?&nbsp; Should we always assume the signature is more accurate (unless an "X" with "his mark" is included)?&nbsp; Or is the name at the top the preferred one?&nbsp; When I submit the signature, I always get counted wrong, yet it seems to me to be the more accurate one.&nbsp; (My best possible decisions always seems to be the wrong one!&nbsp;&nbsp;Please explain the reasoning behind this decision.)
Please refer to page 8 of the Power point presentation. [] As per basic indexing guidelines, when two versions of the same name appear on a document you index them both with an "or" between them. Their example is "Therodore or Theodore Joseph"
Film #005207068 Batch #119 It appears that these cards are presented in alphabetical order. When cards are handwritten sometimes it can be difficult to interpret an exact letter such as choosing between an “a” and an “o”. Sometimes there are conflicting examples in the other words entered on the same card. Since there is currently no way to enter two possible interpretations, it can be a matter of guessing. However, currently, if there is a conflict I choose the one that keeps this in alphabetical order. While I am tempted to maintain consistency, there are a few times when there seems a need to make an exception. Any insights on the reliability of the alphabetical order would be helpful. Otherwise I am at the mercy of the dings of the arbitrators.&nbsp;:) Two examples are image 05-01 (name seems to be an “o”, signature seems to be an “a”) and image 08-01 (both name and signature seem to be ee, and I am having a hard time making it into a “ue” ).'''&nbsp;We trust you will make the best possible decision.'''
I've run across something I haven't seen before. On the 3rd type of card, the one&nbsp;with the citizenship boxes, I have two cards in my batch where a country&nbsp;was written into the "Native Born" box. I know that normally we index no birth place information from this type of card (except for United States for those who have the "Native Born" box checked), but I'm just wondering what, if anything,&nbsp;should be done with this information.&nbsp;SB#&nbsp; 184790262&nbsp; images #5 &amp; #15. Thanks.&nbsp;'''Please enter the information.'''
I cannot locate in the Project Instructions nor Updates how to correctly record the place of birth in share batch# 180205814 record 13-01.&nbsp; Listed on line 5 of Draft Registration Card type# 1: Porta Prince, Jamaica, England ...with country of citizenship listed as England.&nbsp; I know Jamaica isn't a state; nowhere does it say we can put two conuntry names as in "Jamaica, England"...and should "England" as country of citizenship be updated to "United Kingdom"?&nbsp;&nbsp; State - Jamaica, Country - England<br> '''Index Jamaica'''
Film #005207068 Batch #119
Ditto: &nbsp;Citizenship: Great Britain, Canada. &nbsp;I assume just put Great Britain??? or
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Citizenship: British (Ireland) &nbsp;Is it Great Britain as the Field helps would seem to indicate or British (Ireland) as the "type what you see" answer below indicates or something inbetween like Great Britain (Ireland)???
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Citizenship: Canada. &nbsp;Here I might put Canada as a type what you see, but this would be in contradiction to the first example above and also a contradiction of the facts, ""The Canadian Citizenship Act 1946 took effect on 1 January 1947. Prior to that date, the status of Canadians was only that of British subject." &nbsp;But then I hear we should sometimes ignore facts.&nbsp; '''Please enter what is on the record.'''
<br>When a person is born in a foreign country and the document has a town state and country in the where born fields should the state be indexed in the state field or with the town in the town/county field? ('''Town/County: Butkance Semften'''
'''Country: Austria?'''
I have the same question on share batch 180236453, image 5.<br>'''Town/County: Cloyne Cork&nbsp;&nbsp;'''
'''State:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;blank&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''
'''Country:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Ireland&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''
<br> Question regarding how to index/arbitrate Nation of Citizenship with various versions of Russian countries. &nbsp;In a batch I'm arbitrating there are several records with the nation listed as Russia Poland, Poland Russia, Russian Poland, Russia (Poland), or Lithuania Russia. &nbsp;For the sake of consistency, what would be the correct way to list these countries? &nbsp;The indexers seem to choose either Russia, Poland or Lithuania (or sometimes "Russia Poland").&nbsp;Share batch #180068490 '''Type what you see'''
&lt;fck:hr&gt; I have a Form 1 draft card with the registrant's name and "see [another name] as all the information on the card.&nbsp; Is this Image type Normal, with everything else tabbed as blank, or is there some other Image Type that needs to be entered? '''Could you please provide a share batch number?'''
'''follow up to above - went to the chat helpers and found the card is indexed as "no extractable data" '''
<br> '''Several cards I've gotten say the person's a citizen by virtue of his father's naturalization before the person reached majority.&nbsp; Arbitrators seem to think this means the person's country of birth is US, but if that were true, the "native born" box would have been checked.&nbsp; Could this be explained for us non-abritrators, please?'''

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