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Click Wiki Presentation to learn about making submissions. Use this page to ask all questions about this project. Please include a share batch number, if possible, for clarification.  Hold the batch as long as possible before submitting it. Comments will be removed after review.


Alot of discussion about this recently and we need a ruling...

Death Town / City Field

Original Town / city name is crossed out.  Precinct is written in.  We know not to index the precinct.  Do we index the original town / city name since we dont index the precinct or just mark it blank?  We don't have a SB # because this is coming up quite often.  We need a ruling on this on the updates or the additional helps pages as an answer please and thanks!  --ARobertson 20:29, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

Batch 175586320  Image 2.  Maria Vda De Munoz.  What is the proper way to index the Given Name and Surname?

Same Batch, Image 6.  Monterey N L.  What should I index for Birth State or Country?

If the death city is recorded as near Weston, should I leave it blank or index it as Weston?

In 1904 Texas Death records (Batch 175556502), birth date and place are not specifically listed.  "Nativity" is listed.  Is this to be used to determine birth place?  One image shows "German" (image 01-01) for Nativity; another shows "Calvin, Texas" (image 02-01).  Can these correctly be interpreted as "Germany" and "Calvin, Texas" as birth places?  When nativity is listed as "American", can we index as United States?