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[[Category: FamilySearch Indexing]]
Alot of discussion about this recently and we need a ruling...
Death Town / City Field
Original Town / city name is crossed out. &nbsp;Precinct is written in. &nbsp;We know not to index the precinct. &nbsp;Do we index the original town / city name since we dont index the precinct or just mark it blank? &nbsp;We don't have a SB # because this is coming up quite often. &nbsp;We need a ruling on this on the updates or the additional helps pages as an answer please and thanks! &nbsp;--[[User:Aprilrobertson|ARobertson]] 20:29, 27 February 2012 (UTC)&nbsp; '''We will ask.'''
I realize if 'Infant' is written/typed in the marital status we are&nbsp;suppose&nbsp;to&nbsp;tab to the next field, however, if I accidentally type&nbsp;anything in this field it automatically&nbsp;indexes one of the four marital status and&nbsp;it won't let me delete it.&nbsp; Is there a way to leave this blank without typing in Ctrl+B? '''Select EDIT (between FILE and VIEW) and then select CLEAR FIELD.'''
If a male has his father's last name as his middle name but a different last name, do we still submit both names in the surname field?
I realize&nbsp;if "stillborn" is written in the age field on&nbsp;a document we index the age as Ctrl+B, but if the stillborn isn't written at all on the document, do we still use Ctrl+B?&nbsp;
If an infant has lived for even a little while and is marked on the record (ie, 30 minutes), do we index this field as 0?
When a document has three different registered numbers; one is handwritten in and consistant, one has five printed numbers but is not consistant, one has four printed numbers but&nbsp;IS consistant, which of these three should I use?

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