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[REVISED 3.26.12] I am arbitrating WWII Draft Registration cards from Puerto Rico and have a question about how to properly designate municipalities in the San Juan area. I lived in San Juan, and then Dorado, Puerto Rico during the Middle Ages, so I'm somewhat familiar with the geography. There are large and well-known "districts" of San Juan such as Hato Rey, Rio Piedras and Santurce, to name a few. On most of the draft registration cards in which the respondant resides in San Juan, the name of one of these districts has been recorded instead of San Juan.

An example is share batch 188134905 (new number).  Santurce is listed as the place of residence. Both indexers have indexed the municipality as San Juan.

This is what the field help says: "Type the municipality that was recorded as the place of residence. Do not index street addresses or barrios."

Technically, the municipality should have been recorded on the original document as San Juan, but is almost always recorded as one of these areas of San Juan. So is it proper to index (and arbitrate) the field as 1) blank if it mentions a district but doesn't say San Juan, 2) San Juan because the district is in San Juan, or 3) is it more useful to a future researcher to use the name of the recorded district so they have some geographical touchpoint?