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Recent changes to the "How To" library include a new presentation on how to index overlays. View There is a link to the "How To" library on each project update page.

Nationality =

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Index what you see.  If it is written United States, type United States, not American

If and OLNY IF the nationality is abbreviated AND the abbreviation can be expanded as EITHER a nationality or place name, than we type the NATIONALITY

US is not an abbr for American, therefore we type United States.

GB or GrB is not an abbr for British, therfore we type Great Britain.

N S or Nov Scot is not an abbr for Canadian, therefore we type Nova Scotia.

Ire is not an abbr for Irish, therefor we type Ireland

Ger, Fr, Can, Ir can be abbreviations as either Germany, France, Canada & Ireland OR German, French, Canadian & these cases (and others like them) we would type the NATIONALITY.

If it is not abbr, TPYE WHAT YOU SEE. If it is a place-name don't change it to nationality.

If you can't determine what an abbr stands for than use the look up list for help or type what you see excluding punctuations.

Hope this helps, I have spoken with Support a few times in this matter to get clarification, and re clarification, and this is the info I have collect from them.