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Click Wiki Presentation to learn about making submissions. Use this page to ask all questions about this project. Please include a share batch number, if possible, for clarification.  Hold the batch as long as possible before submitting it. Comments will be removed after review.

  Observations while arbitrating this new test project:

1.  Both indexers often do not enter the words "Same Place" or "Same House" (when written) as instructed in the City Field.  The either "blank" the city field or enter a previous town.  Is there some way to make those instructions in bold (or better still, move them up in the field helps as new indexers don't seem to know that they should scroll down in the field helps).

  A.  When following instructions and entering "Same Place" or "Same House" into the City/Town Field, it turns pink because it is not in the look-up list.

       This seems to have been fixed - just indexed the first test project batch, and the program happily accepted "Same House" in the City/Town field. - Dms246 03:10, 26 February 2012 (UTC)

2.  Some indexers are entering County names when none are written.

3.  The title of Stepgranddaughter is written as such.  Is it proper to have a hyphen, a space, or no space in titles such as Stepdaughter or Stepgranddaughter? (Step-Granddaughter or Step Granddaughter, for instance).  However, it is supposed to be written, the field turns pink.

4.  Title Field:  Documents has the roman numeral V (for 5th) as the title.  Is there a rule about typing V or 5th or Fifth?  (you cannot put the underscore and upperscore line on the V).


I'm arbitrating Test 2nd 005248646-216.  On line 9, the place of birth was written as Wuttemberg Germany.  The census heading asks for the name of the country if foreign born, so the enumerator should have written only Germany.   The field help reads,"Type the place of birth according to what was written in column 15."  I think some clarification would be helpful. The field help seems to allow whatever was written in the column and does not restrict the entry to only a country.  We are taking all questions and observations to the those who oversee this project for their review.

Thank you.

The presentation has been updated.  Thank you.

LINE NUMBER - Field Help

Might be useful to indicate in the field help that the line number should not be recorded for blank lines. Although the project instructions state that blank lines should be marked blank using CTRL-SHIFT-B, it would be worth semi-repeating that in the line number field help. It currently says "Type the line number that was written or stamped on each entry line" (my emphasis), and I suspect some may be reading that to indicate the line number should be entered for all lines, regardless of whether there is data on that line or not. In the batch I arbitrated, both indexers had entered a line number for each of the blank lines.

Dms246 03:10, 26 February 2012 (UTC)


Ref lines 14 & 15, US-1940 Federal Census Preliminary Test (1st)

Would be helpful to new indexers to clarify how one would judge that the household has changed, for the purpose of determining if the lack of a household number indicates one should copy the last number given above, or mark the field blank. Most records have no household number entered, so simply saying "If the number was not recorded.....mark the field blank" is potentially confusing, since the field help text has already indicated that most of the time one should use the last number recorded above the record being indexed.

Something along the following lines might help:

"If it looks like a new household is being recorded (different property number, different surname, new "Head" of household), but no household number has been entered, mark the field blank. If you are unsure, continue using the previous household number - an arbitrator will correct it if required."

Dms246 03:10, 26 February 2012 (UTC)

CITY/TOWN - lookup list

Ref line 1, US-1940 Federal Census Preliminary Test (1st)

"Provo" is not in the City/Town lookup list (although Wikipedia states it's the 3rd largest city in Utah, so would have expected it to be on the list).

Dms246 03:10, 26 February 2012 (UTC)