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Presentation - How to Index the 1940 Census

Sep in the marital status column - enter M

When there is only a T in the number of household field, mark the field blank.

Often, an entry was crossed out, and a code number was added to the census form. Ignore these code numbers, and index what was originally written in the census field. For example, the letter "M" in column 12 (Marital Status) may have been crossed out, and the code "7" added to the field. In this case, type M in the Marital Status field of the indexing data entry area, and ignore the "7."

R and same house written in the residence City field- If there are places in the county and state fields- please index the R- not same house.

Same house/place written across all three residence fields- index only in the city and mark the other two blank.

If information is written in residence fields for a child under 5- blank the fields