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FamilySearch Indexing: New Zealand–Passenger Lists, 1871-1915, OverviewFamilySearch Indexing: New Zealand–Passenger Lists, 1871-1915, Project UpdatesFamilySearch Indexing: New Zealand–Passenger Lists, 1871-1915, Additional HelpsFamilySearch Indexing: New Zealand–Passenger Lists, 1871-1915, Project LinksFSI Tabs Project Updates.jpg

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Occupation - (Clarification 12/21) Type what you see - There has been some confusion on this issue.

Gender (New 12/13) - You may determine the gender from a title such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Master.

Ports - See bottom of page for discussion on various port issues.

Names Not Fully Recorded - If a family member is referred to, but the name or surname is not given, do not index the individual. For example, if the document says, "James Brown and Mother" you would only index one record, for James Brown. - Example

- Part of an individual's name is given, index the part of the name that is given.

  • If the record says, "James Brown and Mary," index two records, one for James Brown and one for Mary.
  • If the record says, "Mr Smith and Mrs Smith," index two records, one for Mr Smith and one for Mrs Smith.
  • If the record says, "Mr & Mrs Smith," index two records, one for Mr Smith and one for Mrs Smith.

- Family Surname represented with dittos - Example

Marital Status - Do not assume a woman with the title Mrs. is married.
                          - Do not index the marital status unless it was clearly and unmistakably recorded.

Dates - If no departure or arrival dates are given, it may be necessary to infer a date from other information. On some batches, there will be a report of the cargo. The date given can be indexed in the Arrival Date fields. Example

Country or County of Origin - Some batches may show passengers' information in columns with their nationality listed as English, Irish, Scotch, or Foreigners. In these batches, the country or county of origin can be indexed as England, Ireland, or Scotland. If the person is designated as Foreigner, mark the field blank. Example

Port - Enter the Port the ship departed from, this is not necessarily the port the passenger embarked from

If the document clearly states Embark/Disembark or a variation thereof, then index it as such. If it says Arrival/Departure, then index it as such. If it’s not clear what field to index it under, then choose one. This requires indexers to make a choice that someone else may disagree with. Because differing port authorities had different ways of doing things and different forms were used, indexing ports is not always an easy task nor one that everyone will agree on.

Departure Port - Do not index what is not there. If someone is picked up at C, D or E along the way, index that as the port of Embarkation for those individuals. If the form indicates it is a Departure port, index what is written.
Arrival Port - Some forms show the ship's arrival at a port outside of New Zealand. Index what is written.