FamilySearch Indexing: Ghana—Census, 1982–1984, FAQ

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In arbitrating several hundred batches of this project, I have run across some issues that I thought it might be helpful to have clarified:

1. There are several different types of census form in this project. They do not all look like the sample image. All forms with names on them should be indexed. Forms with information but no names (such as the forms listing professions and employers, or lists of individuals with genders, ages and relationships but no names on the entire page) should be marked as No Extractable Data. The same family may be listed on two different forms. Those are not duplicate images, and both forms need to be indexed separately.

2. For the field Birthplace (in this town or village), the Field Help says:

If the 'In this town/village' box is marked, type Y for 'yes.' If not, type N for 'no.

That means that even if no box is checked, you should enter 'N' in the field.

3. For the field Birth Country, the Field Help says:

If the name of a country other than Ghana was written in the Birthplace column (column 5), then type the country name in this field.

That means the field should only be filled out for a country other than Ghana. Do not index 'Ghana' in this field.

4. Most images have several names on them. You need to add a record for every name. Blank lines do not need to have a record added for them.

5. Sometimes a letter has been used that looks like a backwards C. It should be indexed as an O.