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Recent changes to the "How To" library include a new presentation on how to index overlays. View There is a link to the "How To" library on each project update page.

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Indexing Statistical Project Updates (Scroll down to Projects in Need and click More 

Projects with ## have how to index presentations. 

Australia, Queensland—Cemetery Records, 1811–1985, Part_B ##
Barbados—Church Records, 1637-1850 ##
Canada, Ontario—Marriages, 1869-1927
Ireland—Calendar of Wills and Administration, 1858–1920
Jamaica—Civil Marriages and Deaths, 1871–1995
Micronesia, Pohnpei Civil Registration 1948-2009 ##
New Zealand–Passenger Lists, 1871-1915  ##
South Africa—Methodist Parish Registers
UK, Norfolk Register of Electors
UK, Parish Registers   ## 
US (Community Project), Index to Passenger Lists at Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, 1820-1874
US (Community Project), California, San Francisco—Passenger Lists, 1893-1945
US (Community Project), US, California, Southern—Naturalization Index, 1915–1976
US (Community Project), Florida, Tampa—Passenger Lists, 1898-1945
US (Community Project), Hawaii, Honolulu—Index to Passenger Records 1900-1952
US (Community Project), New York—County Naturalization Card Index, 1792–1976 ##
US (Community Project), New York, New York—Index to Passenger Lists, 1820-1846
US (Community Project), New York—Passenger Lists, 1875-1891
US (Community Project), Pennsylvania—Eastern District Naturalization Indexes, 1795–1952 ##
US (Community Project), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia—Passenger List Index Cards, 1883-1948
US (Community Project), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia—Passenger Lists, 1800-1882
US, County Death Records 
US, County Marriage Records   ##
US, District of Columbia—Freedmen's Bureau Letters, 1865–1870
US, Illinois, Chicago—Catholic Church Records, 1833–1910   ##  
US, Maine—WW I Card Index of Soldiers by Town, 1917–1919
US, New York—1865 State Census
US, Ohio County Birth Records1856-2005
US, Oklahoma—Land Allotment Records of the Five Civilized Tribes  ##
US, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia—Passenger Lists, 1800–1882
US, Registers of Enlistment in the U.S. Army, 1798-1913
US, Texas - County Tax Rolls 1837-1910   ##
US Veterans Pension Cards, 1907-1933   ## 
US, West Virginia—Will Books, 1756–1971    ##  
US, WWI Draft Registration Cards   ##
US, WWII Draft Registration Cards    

Italian Civil Registration Projects   ##