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Recent changes to the "How To" library include a new presentation on how to index overlays. View There is a link to the "How To" library on each project update page.

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Banns (Feb 7) - Index Banns.

County name recorded only once at the top of the document - The name of the county is not written in the same place on all images. When the county name is entered only once at the top of the document, but not repeated within the records, index that county for each record on the image.

Batches with both marriage licenses and marriage certificates - Index only marriage certificates. If you have a marriage license in your batch mark it No Extractable Data.

Common Indexing Mistakes:
Assuming the maiden name of the bride.  Do not assume the father's surname is the maiden name of the bride.  See 102813 Basic Indexing Guidelines: Names for how to index Maiden Names.

  • Incorrectly marking images as No Extractable Data that should be indexed. See "How to index dual page registers" on the Project-Specific Instructions.
    • Some registers are split into two separate images. Click here to see an example.
    • Index the requested fields as found on each image.
    • Not all fields can be indexed from each image.
    • Do not index missing fields from the previous or next image.  For clarification please click on the example three lines up.