FamilySearch Indexing: Bahamas—Civil Registration,1850–1959, FAQ

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In many of the Bahamas- Civil Registration birth records I am unable to see the record number column because it is hidden in the crease/fold/binding of the image.  How should these be indexed?  (blank or unreadable?)

In a related question, on one page the numbers are partially readable. Since I cannot determine for sure how many digits are missing, I assume the appropriate entry is, for example, “*48”, and not “?48”. However, this turns the entry pink. In support of the above question, I also would like clarification on a completely hidden number as I originally marked it blank, but revised it to unreadable after researching this question in the general instructions. Please advise.

While indexing Bahamas--Civil Registration, 1850-1959/004934260[83] which is birth records, for the Child's Name I came across several S.B., which I guess to mean 'stillborn.'  Is there a special way to handle these records?  Please see the information under the Additional Helps tab for this project.