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Introduction Project Information Field Helps Project Updates

Click this link for examples on Indexing Illinois Naturalization Cards

Indexing Examples: Naturalization Place

Illinois Naturalization 1.jpg Illinois Naturalization 2.jpg Illinois Naturalization 3.jpg

Naturalization Town or City -Tab past
Naturalization State – Tab past

Naturalization Town or City -Chicago
Naturalization State – Tab past
Naturalization Town or City -Tab past
Naturalization State – Illinois

Indexing Examples: Birth Country

Illinois Naturalization 4.jpg Illinois Naturalization 6.jpg 
Birth Country - USA or Germany Place names like Mecklenberg or Holstein would be indexed in the Birth Country field.

 Illinois Naturalization 7.jpg  
If there are more than 2 places listed in the Country of Birth or
Allegiance they would like us to "just pick two"

Indexing Examples: Names

Illinois Naturalization 5.png   

 Catholic Nuns- on this project Sister will be included in the
Given Name field - as an example: Antoinetta or Sister Cunegonda


Question: If I can't tell which year is the naturalization date, which year should I use?
Answer: Use the latest year on the document.

Question: If there is only a name on the card, should it be indexed?
Answer: Yes

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