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The following observations have been addressed. Click the Discussion tab at the top of this page to report new issues. Please reserve this page for Indexing Support responses.

For project information on individual states, click the Overview tab.

'Document Types -  (New Example 9/16) Index all documents on the image pertaining to a marriage - Alabama Example
Marriage covers - Index if they have the name of the bride or groom, with or without a date  - Kentucky Example

Titles or Terms - Some batches do not allow the abbreviation of titles. If the title cannot be abbreviated, enter it as written.
 - If there are two or more titles, enter with a space and no punctuation - such as Mr Jr

Names - Review Additional Helps Tab for examples of indexing names.
             - Maiden Names - These should be recorded. Example 

Other Documents - If there are other documents that do not pertain to a marriage, such as bonds for orphans, mark No Extractable Data.

Indexes - index if they have the names of the bride and groom and the marriage date - Examples  

Medical records - are indexed. Information on the same image is combined into one record. On Medical Certificates index the when signed date - Example 

Affidavits - index Affidavits - Example

Two Numbers on Top of Document - Use the number from the series that is consecutive.

Information in bride and groom columns switched - Type what you see, but in the correct fields.