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Click Wiki Presentation to learn about making submissions. Use this page to ask all questions about this project. Please include a share batch number, if possible, for clarification.  Hold the batch as long as possible before submitting it. Comments will be removed after review.

I am indexing UK, Lancashire-Church of England, 1541-1910 [Part A]/004466953[989] This batch is marriage records. The records show 3 banns recorded, but then there are handwritten entries in the margin next to the banns that says for example "No 209 Married by me April 29, 1869 J. Stock"  The numbers don't match the record number. Should I index this as the marriage date? It's always the last day of the banns or a couple of days later. Please send us a share batch number.

I am indexing UK, Lancashire-Church of England, 1541-1910 [Part A]004484134{416},.  This batch is chirstening records.  There are two images.  The second image is the same as the first image.  Each image shows two pages with an identical label/copyright notice in the middle of the second page.  Do I index the names I can see above and below the copyright notice?  If so do they go with the first or second image?