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The following observations have been addressed. Click the Discussion tab at the top of this page to report new issues. Please reserve this page for Indexing Support responses.

See the Additional Helps tab for examples of how to index this project.

Gender - (New 12/9) In burials entries sepulta = female and sepultus = male to determine gender.

Event Type - (New 12/9) Received event to record as christening - Example 
                - R and Rx recorded as event type - Example

Christening Date - Use the baptized date, not the certified date - Example

Months - The months from September through December are often abbreviated with a number and then ber - September = 7ber, October = 8ber, November = 9ber, December = 10ber

Image Cut Off - If the document is cut off on the top or bottom, index the visible records.

Field Helps - There may be changes in the fields helps for different segments of this project. In the Groom's Condtion field, for example, one segment may accept bachelor and another S (for single). Reading the field helps will help insure accurate indexing.

Latin Terms - "abortivia" is a word that means aborted. It is not a name.

Churchings - Mark documents entitled "Churchings" as no extractable data.