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FamilySearch started indexing Swedish church records in 2009. Initial indexing efforts are focused on birth, marriage, and death records. Eventually, the project will index moving records, some confirmations, and household examinations. Access to the indexed data is available through

Here is a table that lists all the parishes in Västerbotten County with:

  • the associated digital genealogical society (DGS) numbers
  • Name of parish
  • Volume and Years
  • Remarks from the national archives that offers some detail into the content of the record. These remarks are in Swedish, but most of the words are key genealogical terms.

The columns can be sorted by clicking on the little box by the title of each column. Place lists can be found on the actual parish pages.

If you would like to participate to index the Swedish records see:

Things To Be Aware Of

Most of the microfilming done by the Genealogical Society of Utah in Sweden took place in the 1950s.  Since that time some volumes have been renumbered or reclassified by the archives.  As a result, the information you may see on the microfilming titleboard may not exactly match the description in the table below. 

Also, some collections have had records added to them since they were filmed.  Because of this, the description in the Volume and Year and Remarks columns may indicate that records are available beyond the time when they were filmed.  In these cases you should contact the national or regional archive to determine accessibility.


DGS Number Name of Parish Record Type Volume and Year Remarks
4289368 Åsele församling A I:1, 1772-1780 A I Husförhörslängder 1, 1772-1780 Förhörsbok
4289368 Åsele församling A I:2, 1781-1802 A I Husförhörslängder 2, 1781-1802 "Förhörsbok
Enstaka ant 1778-1780, 1803-1812
Häri ""Någre enfaldige Frågor...förestälte wid Communion- förhör..."" odat"
4289368 Åsele församling A I:3, 1803-1853 A I Husförhörslängder 3, 1803-1853 Förhörsbok 1803-1815, 1817-1853 (spridda år) Särskilda
listor över lapska kommunikanter 1831 26/12-1842 30/1 (i slutet av bandet)
Inneh även:
Dopant 1829 dec, 1832 jan-feb Vigselant 1832 mars-april
Ant om dödsfall 1832 15/3
4289369 Åsele församling A I:4, 1815-1825 A I Husförhörslängder 4, 1815-1825 Förhörsbok
4289369 Åsele församling A I:5, 1826-1835 A I Husförhörslängder 5, 1826-1835 Förhörsbok
4289369 Åsele församling A I:6, 1835-1845 A I Husförhörslängder 6, 1835-1845 Förhörsbok
Lev 35/1951

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