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FamilySearch started indexing Swedish church records in 2009. Initial indexing efforts are focused on birth, marriage, and death records. Eventually, the project will index moving records, some confirmations, and household examinations.  Access to other records from Sweden will also be available through the FamilySearch website.

Here is a table to show the indexing efforts for records in Södermanland County, Sweden. This is organized alphabetically by parish. The place lists can be found on the parish pages.

If you would like to participate to index the Swedish records see FamilySearch Indexing.

If you would like to search the indexed data see Historical Records at

Status Information as of: April, 2011

Parish Status Place List Gen. Society of Utah No. D.G.S. No. Handwriting Examples
Allahelgona yes
Aspö completed yes 000154983 004146964
Barva completed yes 000155035 004147001
Bergshammar completed yes 000155038 004147004
Bettna pending yes 000155043 000155044 004147013 004147014
Björkvik audit-pending yes 000155051 000155052 000202893 004147021 004147024 004148198
Björnlunda completed - audit yes 000155056 000155057 004147028 004093729
Blacksta audit yes 000155059 004147030
Bogsta audit yes 000155061 004147032
Bälinge current yes 000155064 004147042
Bärbo pending yes 000155066 000202896 004147044 004148204
Dillnäs yes
Dunker yes
Eskilstuna yes
Flen yes
Floda yes
Fogdö yes
Fors yes
Forssa yes
Frustuna yes
Gillberga yes
Gryt yes
Gåsinge yes
Halla yes
Hammarby yes
Helgarö yes
Helgesta yes
Helgona yes
Husby-Oppunda yes
Husby-Rekarne yes
Hyltinge yes
Härad yes
Hölö yes
Julita yes
Jäder yes
Kattnäs yes
Kila yes
Kjula yes
Kloster yes
Lerbo yes
Lid yes
Lilla Malma yes
Lista yes
Ludgo yes
Lunda yes
Länna yes
Lästringe yes
Mellösa yes
Mörkö yes
Nikolai yes
Nykyrka yes
Nyköping (Västra-) yes
Nyköping (Östra-) yes
Näshulta yes
Oxelösund yes
Ripsa yes
Runtuna yes
Råby-Rekarne yes
Råby-Rönö yes
Sköldinge yes
Spelvik yes
Stenkvista yes
Stigtomta yes
Stora Malm yes
Strängnäs (Lands-) yes
Strängnäs (Stads-) yes
Sundby yes
Svärta yes
Sättersta yes
Taxinge yes
Toresund yes
Torshälla (Lands-) yes
Torshälla (Stads-) yes
Torsåker yes
Trosa (Stads-) yes
Trosa Vagnhärad yes
Tumbo yes
Tuna yes
Tunaberg yes
Tystberga yes
Vadsbro yes
Vagnhärad yes
Vallby yes
Vansö yes
Vrena yes
Västerljung yes
Västermo yes
Västra Vingåker yes
Ytterselö yes
Ärla yes
Åker yes
Årdala yes
Öja yes
Österåker yes
Östra Vingåker yes
Överenhörna yes
Överselö yes