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== Request to become an Admin  ==
== Request to become an Admin  ==
If you are interested in being an admin of a Research Community, send an email to with the following:  
If you are interested in being an admin of a Genealogy Research Community, please fill out the following form:
:*Your name and best way to contact:  
:*Area to admin:
[ Request to be an Admin of a Genealogy Research Community]
:*Genealogical research experience in this area:
:*Experience in Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites:

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Facebook Research Communities
Skype Research Communities

FamilySearch has begun a pilot project to create a place where people can get assistance with their research questions. Each area has an Admin who helps with the administration of the page. Facebook and Skype Admins do an incredible work to help people with their research in all areas of the world. 

Admin Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  1. Lead the creation of a vibrant, collaborative research community on Facebook and Skype. These responsibilities revolve around three main ideas:
    • Interacting with those who post on the page by answering questions posted or commenting on them if you don't have an answer, encouraging others to answer questions, and showing gratitude for resources shared.
    • Sharing news and information about how to do genealogy research in this area, information about genealogy events, and great resources available for this area.
    • Partnering with local organizations such as libraries, archives, and societies, to invite them to share their news and events on the page.
  2. Help the community members adhere to the following policies:
    • Keep group discourse civil and polite at all times.
    • All posts should be genealogy-related and off-topic posts will be removed.
    • All discussions should be kept neutral and non-denominational. (LDS-specific discussions should not take place in these groups.)
  3. Join our group of community admins, and connect with the fellow admins of your specific group (we hope that each group will eventually have 2-3 admins).
  4. If you must leave as an admin, help us find someone else to take your place.

Facebook administrator training webinars[edit | edit source]

Each Saturday, a training webinar is held to teach about the different things that can be done with a Facebook page.

Though the FamilySearch pages may often be referred to in these discussions, these trainings are open to the general public. If you are an administrator of a genealogy-related page on Facebook, you are welcome to attend!

Meeting information:

Instructions to join:

  • Click the above link.
  • Sign in as a Guest (your name will be shown as a meeting attendee).
  • Enter your phone number (no punctuation) to have the system call you.
  • If it doesn't call you, you may need to call in instead. Dial 877-459-7266, then follow the prompts and enter 1212# to join the meeting.
  • International callers may need to use Skype to dial into the meeting if the system doesn't call them.

Reviewing recordings:

  • Go to MeetingPlace.
  • Enter 1212 and click Find Meeting.
  • Click Past, change the dates if needed.
  • In the bottom section, find the meeting on the date of the meeting you want to watch.
  • Click on the number 1212 to go to the meeting room.
  • Click on Attachments/Recordings on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the WebRecording link.

Request to become an Admin[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in being an admin of a Genealogy Research Community, please fill out the following form:

Request to be an Admin of a Genealogy Research Community