English to Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with V, W

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English Swedish
vacant, fate öde
vagrant lösdrivare
valley dal
venereal disease venerisk sjukdom
very, much mycket
village by
village in which the parish church is located kyrkoby
volume volym
Walloon vallon
war archive, military archive krigsarkiv
was born föddes
was, where var
weakness, feebleness svaghet
weaver vävare
wedding bröllop
Wednesday onsdag
week vecka
west (western) väster (västra)
what vad
wheelwright hjulmakare
when när
who vem
who, which, that som
who, which, that vilken, vilket, vilka
whooping cough kikhosta
why varför
widow änka
widower änkeman, änkling
wife hustru
wife maka
will testamente
winter vinter
with med
withering from multiple causes tvinsot
without utan
witness vittne
woman who has had illicit relations lägrad kvinna
woman, female kvinna, kvinnkjön
worker, laborer arbetare


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