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English Swedish
tailor skräddare
taken the Lord\'s Holy Communion begått H(errens) H(eliga) Nattvard
tanner garvare
tax skatt
tax/census record mantalslängd
taxation beskattning
tax-exempt farm (farm owned by a nobleman who collected the tax) frälsegård, frälsehemman
teacher lärare
ten (tenth) tio(nde)
tenant farmer with conditional, inherited lease åbo
tenant farmer, leaseholder arrendator
tenant farmer, leaseholder brukare
tenant farmer, receiving part of his wages in grain spannmålstorpare
tenth, tithing tionde
that den där
that det där
that (for example: know that he died) att
the deceased, blessed salig
the person\'s personernas
the undersigned undertecknad
the, it den
the, it det
theft stöld
their deras
there där
these de här
they de
thief tjuv
thirteen (thirteenth) tretton(de)
thirtieth trettionde
thirty trettio
thirty-first trettioförsta
thirty-one trettioen, trettioett
this den här
this det här
those de där
three (third) tre (tredje)
through genom
Thursday torsdag
time gång
time tid
tithing record tiondebok
to till
to åt
to be vara
to be killed in war stupa
to become bliva
to have hava
to live leva
to live, home, estate bo
to marry gifta sig
to want, will vilja
today i dag
together tillsammans
together with jämte
tomorrow i morgon
toolmaker, locksmith klensmed
township, municipality, parish kommun
triplets trillingar
tuberculosis tuberkulos
Tuesday tisdag
tumor svulst
tumor tumör
twelfth tolfte
twelve tolv
twentieth tjugonde
twenty tjugo
twenty-eight tjugoåtta
twenty-eighth tjugoåttonde
twenty-first tjugoförsta
twenty-five (twenty-fifth) tjugofem(te)
twenty-four tjugofyra
twenty-fourth tjugofjärde
twenty-nine (twenty-ninth) tjugonio (nde)
twenty-one tjugoen, tjugoett
twenty-second tjugoandra
twenty-seven (twenty-seventh) tjugosju(nde)
twenty-six tjugosex
twenty-sixth tjugosjätte
twenty-third tjugotredje
twenty-three tjugotre
twenty-two tjugotvå
twins tvillingar
two två
two hundred (two-hundredth) två hundra(de)
typhoid tyfus
typhoid fever fältfeber
typhoid fever nervfeber


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