English to Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with O

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English Swedish
October oktober
of av
of good reputation välfrejdad
of legal age laga år kommen
of legal age myndig
of noble birth välboren
office ämbete
often ofta
old gamla
old gammal
old age ålderdom
old book, previous clerical survey gamla boken (G.B.)
older, elder äldre
oldest, eldest, elder äldste
on, upon, at (some place), in (about time)
one hundred (one-hundredth) en/ett hundra(de)
one thousand (one-thousandth) en/ett tusen(de)
one who owned a small cottage, dugout dweller backstugusittare
only bara
or eller
orphan föräldralös
other annan
our, spring vår
out ut
outside utanför
over över
own äga
owner ägare
owner of a farm equipping a cavalry soldier rusthållare


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