English to Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with N

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English Swedish
name namn
national archives, state archives riksarkiv
nationality nationalitet
native land, fatherland fosterland
near nära
neighbor granne
nephew(s), niece(s), cousin(s) syskonbarn
nephew, brother\'s son brorsson
nephew, sister\'s son systerson
never aldrig
new ny(a)
new nytt
new book, next clerical survey nya boken (N.B.)
newborn nyfödd
next to bredvid
niece, brother\'s daughter brorsdotter
niece, sister\'s daughter systerdotter
night natt
nine (ninth) nio(nde)
nineteen (nineteenth) nitton(de)
ninety (nintieth) nittio(nde)
no, no one, none ingen
nobility adel
nobility frälse
noble adlig
nobleman adelsman
noon middag
north nord
north, northern norr(a)
Norway Norge
Norwegian norsk
not ej
not icke
not christened odöpt
not dated odaterad
not given oangiven
note, annotation, remark anteckning
nothing, none inget
November november
now nu
number nummer


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