English to Swedish Genealogical Words beginning with A

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English Swedish
a person\'s character, conduct frejd
a, one en, ett
a, one ett, en
about omkring
about, approximately circa (ca.) (Latin)
above ovan, ovanför
abscess, boil böld
absent borta
accident våda
accident, misfortune olycka
according to enligt
ache värk
address adress
adopted adopterad
after efter
afternoon eftermiddag
against, toward mot
age ålder
all alla, allt
also också
always alltid
and och
and, together with samt
annual, yearly årlig
apprentice lärling
April april
archive arkiv
are, is, am är
artisan hantverkare
assessed unit of land mantal
assignment of an inheritance to children of first marriage avvittring
assistant biträde
assistant army surgeon, barber- surgeon fältskär
assistant clerk kammarskrivare
assistant minister kaplan
assistant minister komminister
at home hemma
at, in, with hos
at, on, close to, by vid
at, on, to å
August augusti
autumn höst


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