English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames W

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Wadam Wadham
Wadcock Whadcock
Waddel Waddle
Waddilove Wadelove
Wade Walk
Wade Waide
Wadland Watland
Waganer Wagner
Wagman Wiseman
Wagnieres Wagniere
Wagstaft Wagstaff
Wainwright Wheelwright
Wait Wate
Wait Waite
Waithman Vaithman
Wakefield Wakerfield
Wakelen Wakelin
Walbanck Walbancke
Waldon Warren
Waldron Waldin
Waldrum Waldrom
Walesby Walsby
Walford Wallford
Waliy Whiley
Walkden Wallden
Walkinton Walkington
Wallace Willis
Wallace Walus
Wallace Walles
Wallace Wallis
Wallars Walls
Wallbrook Warbrick
Wallburg Walbrough
Walles Wall
Wallies Wallace
Wallker Walker
Walls Wall
Wallton Walton
Wallworth Waller
Walmesley Walmsly
Walmsley Warmsley
Walmsley Wamsley
Waln Walen
Walpool Walpole
Wals Walls
Walsh Walch
Walsh Welch
Walsh Welsh
Walshe Walsh
Walson Walsom
Walter Walters
Walter Waters
Walterman Waterman
Walters Waters
Walters Walterhouse
Walters Watters
Walton Watson
Waltson Watson
Wanless Wandless
Wanless Wanlass
Wansell Wansall
Wansell Wancell
Wanstall Wansall
Wanstall Wanson
Wanstall Wansall
Warde Ward
Wardell Waddell
Warden Varden
Wardle Wardell
Ware Weir
Ware Vears
Wareham Warham
Warelow Warrelow
Warham Warram
Waring Wareing
Waring Warring
Warlow Waller
Warman Warner
Warminger Warmenger
Warmull Walmall
Warn Wern
Warnes Warns
Warram Waram
Warran Warren
Warren Warrin
Warren Warne
Warren Wearne
Warren Warrener
Warren Warrin
Warrickshull Warricksheel
Warrier Waryer
Warrin Warren
Warrin Worren
Warriner Warrin
Warrington Waddington
Warwick Warick
Wasborow Westbrow
Wass Watts
Wassell Wassall
Wassell Wassom
Waterhouse Weaterhouse
Waters Warters
Wates Waites
Wathem Wrather
Wathlake Wethlock
Watkins Watkin
Watley Wodley
Watson Wilson
Watson Wattson
Watt Watts
Watters Walters
Watters Waters
Wattors Waters
Watts Whatt
Watts Waights
Waugh Warff
Waugh Warp
Waycott Wycott
Wayett Wyatt
Wayland Wyland
Wayman Weyman
Waymand Wayman
Wayne Wain
Wayte Waite
Weall Whale
Weams Weems
Wearn Warren
Weather Withers
Weatherbee Witherby
Wetherby Weatherby
Weatherley Wearherly
Weatherley Weatherlee
Weatherly Weatherley
Web Webb
Webb Webbe
Webber Webster
Webberly Weblely
Weber Webber
Weber Weaver
Webester Webster
Weborn Wyburn
Wedgewood Wedgwood
Weeb Webb
Weeden Weedon
Weekes Weeks
Weeklely Wheatly
Weest West
Weigh Waigh
Weight Wheat
Weir Weire
Weir Wier
Weitch Witch
Weithuck Whilterick
Welbin Welbans
Welburne Wildburne
Welch Welsh
Welcome Wilcomb
Well Wel
Wellbank Welbank
Wellbelove Wellbeloved
Welldale Weldol
Wellener Wilner
Welles Wells
Welliamson Williamson
Welling Wetwood
Wellings Wellen
Wells Vills
Wells Wills
Wells Walls
Welsh Welch
Welsh Walsh
Welsh Wilsh
Weman Wenman
Wems Weems
Wemyss Weems
Wenstall Winstall
Werner Warner
Wesbroock Westbrook
Wescombe Wescomb
Wescott Westcott
Wesley Westley
Wessley Wesley
West Westwood
West Westbrook
West Wast
Westerway Westeway
Westbeer Westbear
Westerbaen Westerbaan
Westgate Westcott
Westly Westley
Westry Vestry
Wetherall Weatherall
Wetherell Wethrell
Wetherill Wetherall
Wever Weaver
Whaelley Whalley
Whale Wheale
Whale Wales
Whale Walle
Whalen Whallon
Whales Wells
Whaley Whealey
Whaley Whalley
Whaley Wailey
Whall Wheel
Whalon Wallon
Whalton Walton
Whanmer Whanmar
Wharfe Warfe
Wharier Wharrier
Wharmby Wharmly
Wharram Whaream
Wharrier Warrier
Wharrm Wharram
Wharton Warton
Whatcott Whatcotte
Whateley Wheatley
Whatkins Wattkins
Whatly Whatley
Whealan Wailand
Whealon Wheaton
Wheatley Wheatey
Wheatly Whealey
Wheatly Wheatley
Whebell Wheeble
Wheedon Weedon
Wheels Wheals
Wheildon Weldon
Whelin Waling
Whailing Whelan
Whellen Whellew
Whelan Whalon
Whelan Wealing
Whelin Whalin
Whelland Whelan
Whelleng Wallornd
Whereat Werret
Wherten Whirton
Whet Waite
Whetley Wheatley
Whetmey Whettmey
Wheton Whelton
Whettin Whitein
Whey Way
Whicheloh Wicheloh
Whickham Whigham
Whiffin Whiffen
Whiller Whillier
Whiney Whinney
Whinty Wintney
Whippy Whippey
Whissell Whessell
Whit White
Whitaker Whitekar
Whitaker Whittaker
Whitbread Whittbread
Whitcher Wickett
White Whyt
White Wight
White Whitt
White Whyte
White Whytt
Whitechurch Whitchurch
Whitefield Whitfield
Whitefield Witfeld
Whitehead Whited
Whighted Whitehead
Whitehead Whitebread
Whiteing Weaton
Whiteker Whittaker
Whitelamb Whitelam
Whitely Whiteley
Whitesed Whitsed
Whitesides White
Whithead Whitehead
Whithorn Whitethorn
Whiting Whiteing
Whitlay Whitley
Whitley Wheatley
Whitly Whitley
Whitmey Whitney
Whitmish Whitmaish
Whiton Whitton
Whittell Whittle
Whittker Whittaker
Whitton Witting
Whyte White
Whyting Whiting
Wibborn Weborn
Wichalse Wishels
Wickem Wickham
Wickham Wakeham
Wicksted Wickstead
Wickwick Weekweeks
Wiedemann Wydeman
Wier Wear
Wier Weir
Wiesgate Westgate
Wiffine Wiffing
Wiffing Wiffin
Wiggborne Wiggbome
Wiggens Wickens
Wiggins Wickins
Wigginton Wiggington
Wigham Wiggan
Wight White
Wightman Waightman
Wightman White
Wigins Wiggins
Wilcke Wilkie
Wilcocks Wilcox
Wilcox Willcock
Wilcox Willcox
Wild Wilde
Wild Wyld
Wilden Willdon
Wildgoose Whildgoose
Wildin Wilday
Wilebore Wilebor
Wilemaker Wielemaker
Wiles Wills
Wiley Wyley
Wiley Wylie
Wilkenson Wilkinson
Wilkes Wikes
Wilkes Willks
Wilkes Wilks
Wilkie Mcwilkie
Wilkin Wilkie
Wilkins Wilkens
Wilkins Wilking
Wilkinson Willkison
Wilkinson Wilkingson
Wilkison Wilkenson
Will Wills
Willcocks Wilcocks
Willdon Weldon
Willes Willis
Willes Wills
Willeson Willison
Willet Willett
Willets Willetts
William Williamson
William Williams
Williames Williams
Williams Williamson
Willin Willing
Willis Willes
Willis Wallace
Willkins Wilkins
Willkinson Wilkinson
Willmitts Wilmot
Willmot Wilmot
Willoughby Willowby
Willous Willows
Wills Mills
Wills Wells
Wills Wilis
Wills Willis
Wills Wells
Willshin Wilshin
Willson Wilson
Willyamson Williamson
Willye Weyley
Wilmehurst Wilmhurst
Wilmot Weilman
Wilmot Willmot
Wilmote Willmott
Wilsh Welsh
Wilshir Willshir
Wilson Willson
Wilsone Wilson
Wilsson Wilson
Wiltshire Willlshere
Wimpory Wimpey
Winacot Winncot
Winckla Winkle
Wind Wing
Winde Windes
Windell Windel
Winder Windre
Winder Winter
Windred Windrage
Windsor Winsor
Winegar Vinegar
Winhall Wenrall
Winn Wynn
Winser Windsor
Winship Winshep
Winsor Windsor
Winstanley Winsteanley
Winter Winterton
Winter Winterton
Winter Wentel
Winterborn Winterbourn
winterborn Winterbown
Winterborn Winterburn
Wintle Wintel
Winton Wintom
Winwood Winwood
Wire Ware
Wirling Wadling
Wishart Witchet
Weisley Wiseley
Witchurch Whitchurch
Witcomb Whitcomb
With Wythe
Withe White
Withenbery Withenberry
Witherage Wetheridge
Witherby Wetherby
Witherington Witherernton
Witherstan Witherstone
Withoridge Wetheridge
Withy Woody
Witoker Whitaker
Witse Witsz
Witteker Whiteacre
Wittert Wittertz
Witterton Witteron
Wittle Whittle
Woart Woert
Woford Warford
Wogdn Wogdon
Woldron Waldren
Wolffsen Wolfsen
Wolfinden Wolfindon
Wolford Walford
Wollaston Woollaston
Wollcutt Walcott
Wollet Woollett
Wollicott Woolicott
Wollington Willington
Wommack Womack
Wonnell Wannell
Wood Woods
Wooden Wooding
Wooden Woodden
Woodes Woods
Woodfielld Woodfield
Woodford Walford
Woodger Wodyer
Woodhams Woodham
Woodin Woodwin
Woodit Footet
Woodrid Woodeed
Woodridge Wooldridge
Woodroff Woodroffe
Woods Wood
Woodwad Woodward
Woodward Woodruff
Woodyfield Woodinfield
Woogar Wolgar
Woolcock Willcocks
Woolett Willett
Woolfe Wulff
Woolgar Wolgar
Woolgary Vulgere
Woollacott Woolcott
Woollford Woolford
Woollgar Woolgar
Woolls Wooll
Woolood Woolard
Woorrill Worrill
Wootton Wooton
Wordsworth Woodsworth
Worell Worrell
Woren Warren
Working Warmiking
Worley Worly
Worman Warman
Wormlayton Warmlayton
Worrall Worrell
Worsford Wallsfall
Woton Walton
Wotton Wootton
Woulden Walder
Woulfe Wolf
Wraford Wreyford
Wragg Ragg
Wray Ray
Wreg Wray
Wreyford Wrayford
Wright Wight
Wuse Wise
Wyard Wyred
Wyatte White
Wyburd Wyburt
Wyburg Wyburt
Wyck Wyk
Wydey Vydey
Wyet Wyat
Wykman Wichman
Wyld Wylde
Wylie Wyley
Wylle Wiley
Wylly Willey
Wynn Wynne
Wym Wynne