English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames T

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.


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Taaff Taaffe
Taaffe Taafe
Taaffe Taff
Taige Teague
Talbert Talbott
Talbott Talboot
Talbutt Talbot
Tallent Tallen
Tallin Tollin
Tamblin Tamlym
Tanner Turner
Tannoche Tunike
Tanqweriel Tanquerel
Tanton Taunton
Tapling Taplin
Tapliss Topliss
Tappen Toppen
Tarbot Tarbutt
Targart Taggert
Tarnar Tanner
Tarress Terress
Tarver Tervar
Tate Tait
Tauton Taughton
Taverner Tavner
Tawes Taurs
Tayler Taylor
Taylor Taylour
Taylorson Taylison
Teap Tape
Tear Tier
Teasdale Tisdale
Teatt Tate
Tedball Tidbolt
Tefft Teft
Tegart Teggart
Telfer Telford
Telfer Tefler
Talfair Telford
Tellar Teller
Tellfer Tellfore
Templeman Temple
Tenbey Tenby
Tennent Tennant
Tenner Turner
Tenney Tinney
Terell Tyrol
Terlure Treloar
Terras Tarras
Terrell Tarrell
Terret Terrett
Terrett Turrett
Terrist Forrest
Tevindale Tefedale
Tewkxberry Dewkxberry
Thackrey Thackray
Thackthwaite Thackwaite
Theckrey Thackeray
Thing Thyng
Thirwell Thornwell
Thom Toms
Thom Tom
Thomas Thom
Thompson Thomson
Thompson Tomson
Thooren Thoren
Thorgood Thorogood
Thorman Thornman
Thorn Thorne
Thornborow Thornborough
Thorne Thorn
Thornycrift Thornicroft
Thorowgood Thurgood
Thorpe Thorp
Thorrowgood Throroughgood
Threlford Trelford
Thrigold Threadgold
Thruckson Thruckston
Thrussell Thrusell
Thumwood Thumbwood
Thursby Thorspey
Thwaites Twaites
Tiblas Tibels
Tibbett Tibbutt
Tibbett Tibbitt
Tibbott Tibbot
Tichman Tychman
Tidde Tid
Tiddeman Tiddiman
Tiddy Paddy
Tidmasch Tilmarsh
Tidmesh Tidmarsh
Tierney Tierny
Tilcock Tillcook
Tillbroke Tillbrook
Tillbrook Tilbrook
Tillett Tillet
Tilley Filley
Tillie Tillier
Tillit Tittet
Tillstone Tilstone
Tillstone Tilstonew
Tillstone Tilstone
Tilly Tileey
Tillyard Tilliard
Tilston Tylston
Tilye Tiley
Timberlake Timberlick
Timbury Timberry
Timms Times
Tims Timms
Tinckam Tincombe
Tincnell Tincknell
Tingey Tingay
Tingle Tindall
Tingler Tinglers
Tinworh Tinmouth
Tippen Toppin
Tipper Tippen
Tippet Tippett
Tirar Tiray
Tire Tier
Tisdale Tisdall
Tisdell Tedstell
Tisoe Tiso
Tittrell Titterel
Tobin Tobias
Tobin Toban
Toby Tobin
Tocq Toke
Tod Todd
Tolle Telley
Tollerton Towleton
Tollesson Tomlinson
Tolley Toley
Tollin Tonlin
Tolly Tolley
Tombling Tomblin
Tomeay Tomey
Tomes Toms
Tomkins Tompkins
Tomms Toms
Tompkins Tomkins
Tompson Thompson
Toms Thomas
Tomson Thompson
Tongate Tangate
Tongue Toung
Tonken Tonkin
Tonkin Tompkins
Tonkin Tomkins
Toole Towell
Toole Tool
Toomes Toombes
Toop Tope
Torbet Torbit
Torbett Talbott
Torrance Torrence
Torrnes Torrens
Tortwell Toutnill
Tostevin Todewin
Tothill Tottle
Totten Tatten
Touchey Touchee
Toune Town
Tourle Tourll
Towart Toward
Towin Townsend
Towler Fowler
Townley Townly
Townsend Tounsend
Townson Towson
Townson Townsind
Traell Trail
Traichy Treachy
Traill Traille
Tralle Trally
Traps Trapps
Travers Trevers
Traves Travers
Traves Travis
Treacy Tracey
Treacy Tracy
Treadwell Thradewell
Treadwell Tredwell
Treadwell Threadwell
Treasure Treacher
Treasy Tracy
Treby Treeby
Treddle Treddel
Treddon Treddle
Treen Strain
Tregauham Tregarthon
Tregear Treghere
Tregenna Treginnis
Treherne Traherne
Treky Trickey
Treloar Talour
Treltes Feltes
Tremlett Trimlet
Trendall Trindal
Trengrove Tingrove
Trethewey Tretheway
Trethewey Truthway
Trevarthen Traverton
Trevers Travers
Trevorrow Trevoer
Trewaak Treweek
Trewhit Trewhitt
Trice Truce
Triggall Trigger
Trigger Trickner
Trimbarth Trembraith
Trimbeth Trambeth
Trimlet Tremlett
Trindal Trundall
Trippett Tippett
Trivett Trivitt
Trivitt Trivett
Trizador Trezader
Trock Truck
Trodsham Tredsham
Trokes Troakes
Trolop Trollop
Trowle Troule
Trowneer Trouneer
Troyon Tryan
Truin Treen
Truman Truieman
Trumbell Trumble
Trumble Tremble
Trumble Turnbull
Trumell Truimell
Truscoat Truscot
Trusfield Trussfield
Trusgate Thuusgate
Trusseller Trusseler
Trustram Tristram
Truthorp Thutart
Trwin Trewin
Tryon Stryan
Trythall Treathall
Tudball Tudbull
Tuffing Tuffin
Tuffnall Tuffnell
Tuggye Tuggy
Tulean Telein
Tullees Tullas
Tullington Fullington
Tulloch Tulloh
Tullock Follock
Tullough Tullock
Tumea Thomy
Tumin Timmins
Tuneer Tunner
Tunnells Tunnuels
Turberville Turbervill
Turbull Turnbuss
Turcan Turkin
Turnbridge Tunbridge
Turnbull Trumble
Turner Harner
Turner Tuner
Turpin Topon
Turrel Tyrrell
Tuson Tawson
Tuten Tuton
Tuting Tooton
Tutnaill Tuffnail
Tutty Totty
Twaddell Twaddle
Tweddle Tweedle
Twells Twelves
Twineham Twyrnman
Twogood Toogood
Twomey Twomy
Twomey Twoney
Twothorp Thutart
Twycross Twycroft
Tydd Tyde
Tyirell Terrell
Tyler Taylor
Tyning Tynan