English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames P

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Pace Pais
Pack Peck
Packenham Packington
Packharnis Peckharness
Packston Paxton
Paddington Paddingtown
Paddison Patterson
Padgett Paggett
Pain Payne
Pain Pine
Painell Paynell
Painter Panter
Pairce Peirce
Paker Parker
Palfrey Palfory
Palfarry Palfry
Palley Pally
Palmar Palmer
Palmer Palmere
Pamflett Pamfelt
Panker Parker
Panting Pantin
Paradine Pauodine
Parady Pardy
Parcifield Pearcifull
Parcivell Percival
Pardey Pardye
Pardy Pardey
Pardye Parday
Parfeck Parfitt
Parfect Parfitt
Parfett Perfelt
Parfford Parford
Perfect Parfit
Perfect Parfit
Parfitt Perfet
Pargeter Pargiter
Pargills Pargilles
Parguot Pargote
Parish Parras
Park Spark
Park Parks
Parke Parkes
Parken Parkien
Parkin Perkins
Parkines Parkins
Parkins Parkin
Parkinson Parkins
Parkinson Parkerson
Parkinson Parkson
Parks Parker
Parks Sparkes
Parks Parkes
Parkyns Parkynes
Parlan Parlin
Parloe Parsloe
Parman Pearman
Parquot Pargote
Parrey Pary
Parrot Parott
Parrott Parratt
Parrott Parrot
Parry Harris
Parry Perry
Parry Parie
Parskell Paskwell
Parslew Parsley
Parslow Paslew
Parson Parsons
Parson Pearson
Parsonage Parsnage
Partington Pardington
Partrick Patrick
Partridg Partridge
Partridge Paterage
Pary Parry
Pascor Pasco
Pasko Pask
Pasco Paskeo
Paskitt Paskett
Pasquali Pasquale
Pass Pas
Passfell Percivel
Paste Peaste
Pastorella Pastorellin
Paterson Peterson
Paterson Patterson
Pathson Paterson
Patient Patience
Paton Patten
Paton Patton
Patrick Petherick
Patrick Partrick
Patten Potten
Patterson Peterson
Patterson Paterson
Patterson Pattarson
Pattinson Pattison
Pattison Patterson
Pattison Pattisson
Pattison Patterson
Pattison Patteson
Pattison Paddison
Patton Patten
Pattrick Patrick
Paul Pall
Paull Paul
Pavett Pavitt
Pavett Pavott
Pavey Parry
Pavey Pevey
Pawley Pauley
Paxton Poxton
Payey Payde
Payne Paine
Peach Peacock
Peacock Pycock
Peadon Payton
Peak Peake
Peake Paiks
Pearce Pierce
Pearce Pease
Pearce Pearse
Pearce Peirce
Pearcifull Percifull
Pearh Pearch
Pearman Pearmont
Pears Pearce
Pearson Parsons
Pearson Parson
Pearson Pierson
Pease Pace
Peats Pitts
Pechey Peachey
Peck Prick
Peck Peek
Peckenham Packenham
Peckham Peckman
Pedar Peddar
Pedday Peddy
Peddle Peddell
Peddy Pattie
Peden Peedon
Pedevin Pedewin
Pedly Pedley
Pedvint Podevint
Peead Peed
Peel Piele
Peele Peel
Peeres Peers
Peers Pearce
Peet Peat
Pegge Pegg
Peglar Pegley
Pegler Pigler
Pegler Peglar
Pegram Peggram
Peirce Pearce
Peircy Piercy
Peripoint Pierpoint
Peirson Pierson
Pelham Pellin
Pell Piell
Pellam Pelham
Pellew Pellow
Pelzer Peltzer
Pemmel Pemmell
Pendar Pender
Pendergast Pendergrass
Pendergast Pendorgrass
Pendrell Pendrill
Pendrick Penduth
Pengelly Pangaly
Peniston Penaston
Penistone Penniston
Penkenny Pinkney
Penlarick Penlourick
Penney Penny
Penniman Pennyman
Pennyall Pennyell
Pennywell Pennel
Penrith Perith
Penrose Paunrose
Penry Pendry
Pens Spens
Pentroth Pentreah
Penwall Penvall
Penwill Purwell
Peppell Peppall
Pepperel Peppering
Perce Pierce
Percie Pierce
Percivall Purcefull
Peren Perren
Perey Perry
Perier Perrier
Periman Perriman
Pering Perring
Perkin Perkins
Perkins Perkin
Perkins Parkeins
Perks Parkes
Perran Parran
Perratt Parrott
Perrem Perham
Perreman Perryman
Perret Parret
Perrett Perritt
Perrew Perreau
Perrey Perry
Perrham Pereham
Perrin Perrings
Perry Parry
Perry Perrey
Persey Pursey
Person Parsons
Persoon Pearson
Persse Peirsse
Peryer Perrier
Peryman Perryman
Pescod Prescott
Peskitt Prescott
Peters Peter
Peters Peater
Peterson Patterson
Peterson Pitterson
Peteson Patterson
Petham Pithan
Pethick Patrick
Pethick Petherick
Petiford Pettiford
Petrie Petre
Petrie Peatrie
Petrie Petre
Petrie Pitrie
Pettegrove Pettigrew
Petter Peters
Pettereson Peterson
Petters Peters
Pettersen Petterson
Petterson Patterson
Petterson Peterson
Pettet Petit
Pettett Pettit
Pettinger Pottinger
Pettit Petitt
Pettre Petrie
Pettson Pattison
Petty Pettie
Peveral Peverill
Pew Pugh
Pewey Pewsey
Pharoah Farro
Phelan Weyland
Phelan Whelan
Phelp Phelps
Phelp Philp
Phelpes Phillips
Phelps Phillips
Phenician Finigan
Phiance Fiance
Phiat Fiott
Phiffen Fifin
Philby Philby
Philip Phillip
Philipps Phillipps
Philips Phillips
Philips Phillip
Philps Philip
Phillimar Phillimore
Phillipot Philpott
Phillips Philps
Phillpot Philpot
Phillpot Fillpott
Phillpot Philpott
Philp Philip
Philp Phips
Philpot Fillpot
Philpott Phillpotts
Philpp Phillip
Philps Phibbs
Phipard Phippard
Phips Phipps
Piccarine Pickering
Pichard Pilchard
Pickard Pichard
Picken Picking
Pickerin Pickering
Pickering Pickerrin
Pickernell Pickanell
Picket Pigot
Picket Pinkett
Pickett Piggott
Pickfatt Pickford
Pickles Pickells
Pickren Pickering
Pickton Pickston
Picot Picott
Picot Peacock
Piercay Paicy
Peacey Pierce
Peiarce Peairce
Piercey Passey
Pierpoint Peerpoint
Pierson Pearson
Pigg Pig
Pik Pyke
Pike Pyke
Pike Pack
Pikeman Pickeman
Philbean Pilbeam
Pilgrim Pilgram
Pillbem Pilbem
Piller Pillow
Pilnnar Pilmore
Pimm Pym
Pimmer Pillar
Pimon Pimm
Pinchback Pinchbeck
Pincke Pinke
Pinkcombe Pincomb
Pinkett Pincott
Pinkny Pinkney
Pinnock Pinnack
Pipping Pippin
Pirie Parry
Pirie Perry
Pirie Pery
Pirrin Perrin
Piry Piery
Piry Peery
Pitblado Pithbladder
Pitt Pitts
Pittars Peters
Pitty Petty
Place Plisse
Plase Place
Platts Platt
Player Plare
Playforth Plyfort
Pleace Place
Pledge Page
Pledwell Pleadwell
Plum Plumb
Plumbridge Plumage
Plumer Plummer
Plumeredge Plumridge
Plumket Plunket
Plumley Plymley
Plumptree Plumptke
Plumridge Plumbridge
Poalley Poley
Poartt Port
Pocock Peacock
Podmare Podmore
Poet Poit
Poingdester Poingdestre
Poingdestre Poingdestree
Pointon Peyton
Poldon Polden
Pole Poole
Polgran Polgreen
Poliard Pollard
Pollet Pollett
Polley Polly
Pollock Pullock
Pollord Pollard
Polly Poli
Polston Polson'
Polwards Pollards
Ponford Ponsford
Ponton Punton
Pooar Poor
Pool Poole
Pooling Pulling
Poor Power
Poore Power
Pope Peope
Popkin Popkins
Poplewell Popplewell
Poppes Pepper
Porneuf Portmeuf
Porrett Powett
Porter Potter
Portten Perton
Posgats Postgate
Postlethwaite Bostlethwaite
Potbery Potsbery
Potinger Pottinger
Potting Butting
Pouk Pouke
Poulter Powlter
Poundler Pounter
Pounten Poundell
Povey Pover
Powe Pow
Powel Powell
Power Poor
Power Powell
Power Poore
Power Powers
Powis Powes
Powlet Pawlet
Powlls Powls
Pownall Pownell
Pownall Pownel
Poynder Poynter
Poynter Pointer
Prangnell Pragnell
Pranknall Pragnell
Pray Prey
Praysell Brozel
Preat Pratt
Prebbell Prebble
Prebble Preble
Preddy Prady
Predham Pridham
Preist Priest
Prengast Prindergast
Presley Prestly
Press Priss
Presson Preston
Presswell Preswel
Prestney Pressney
Pretlove Pritlove
Pretty Patty
Price Prise
Prichard Pricheard
Pritchard Prichard
Pritchard Prichel
Prichett Prichett
Prickell Prichard
Pridelle Priddle
Prier Frier
Pringel Pringle
Pringle Pringles
Pringwood Pringle
Prinn Prynn
Prinscep Prinsep
Prior Pryer
Prissick Priswick
Pritchard Prichard
Pritchard Bricher
Pritchard Pricthard
Pritlove Pretlove
Privett Preuett
Prockter Procter
Procter Proctor
Prool Prole
Prosser Prowser
Prott Pratt
Proudfoott Proudfoot
Proughton Proutan
Proutt Troutt
Prowse Pruce
Prritty Pritty
Prudence Pruden
Pryce Price
Pryer Pryor
Puckard Peckard
Puddefoot Puddifant
Puddicombe Pitcombe
Pugh Pew
Pugh Hughes
Pugh Pue
Pughe Pugh
Pullen Pullins
Pullen Pullan
Pullen Pullein
Pullin Pullen
Pulling Purling
Pulman Pallman
Pulton Poulton
Punchick Punick
Punshon Punchon
Punton Pontin
Purchase Purcas
Purcell Pussell
Purchaize Purchase
Purchase Purchess
Purches Purchas
Purchis Purchase
Purcival Percifield
Purdeu Purdue
Purechess Purchase
Purfield Purfin
Purkiss Perkiss
Purnell Furnell
Purratt Purrett
Purse Purss
Pursell Purser
Purves Purvis
Purvis Porvis
Puryour Pouyour
Putman Putnam
Putterill Putterell
Pyddefoot Pudefoot
Pye Pyrah
Pyfinch Pyefinch
Pyke Pike
Pyle Pile
Pyman Pyeman
Pyment Pymont
Pyne Pine
Pynyot Penyot