English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames Mc

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This information was originally extracted for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Mcalester Mcallister
Mcallester Mccollister
Mcannon Mackeenen
Mcaneley Mcanely
Mcaulay Mckauley
Mccankey Mckonkey
Mccarley Mackarley
Mccall Mccowel
Mccartey Mccarthey
Mccarter Mccarty
Mccave Mccabe
Mccay Mccoy
Mcclean Mclean
Mcconnell Macandle
Mccoy Mckay
Mcdearmot Mcdormot
Mcgrath Magrath
Mckenzie Mckinsey
Mckie Mackie
Mcnuckell Mcnichol
Mcneill Mcneal
Mcnear Mcnair
Mcnaughtane Mcnaught
Mcnare Mcnair
Mcennis Mcgennis
Mccugh Mckew
Mckeen Mckeane
Mcmullan Mcmullin
Mcetane Mcintire
Mcmullan Mcmullen
Mcfarlon Mcfarling
Mcmichel Mcmahel
Mcmallen Macmillan
Mclatchie Mclatchey
Mckinnie Mckimie
Mclieske Mclisk
Mclead Mcleod
Mclean Lane
Mcfarlen Mackfarlen
Mcredie Mccredie
Mclarine Mcclarine
Mcduall Mcdowel
Mcphiall Mcphall
Mcreynolds Mcrandell
Mckiver Mariver
Mckinzie Mackenzie
Mckinsy Mckinzie
Mckinney Mckenny
Mckinivan Mckinnon
Mckinivan Mckinvan
Mcutchon Mchutchin
Mcwhite White
Mckibbin Mckibbon
Mckewn Mckown
Mcdouall Mcduall
Mckerland Mackland
Mcaffee Mcphee
Mcnight Mcnaught
Mcanelly Mcnalley
Mcaulay Aullay
Mcdermeit Mcdermiet
Mcarty Marty
Mccarthy Mccarty
Mccan Mccann
Mcdanill Mcdonald
Mccarty Maccarty
Mccartney Mccarty
Mccume Macham
Mcallester Mcallister
Mccormick Cormick
Mcclarin Mcclannan
Mcdaniell Macdonald
Mcclumpha Clupha
Mcclane Mcclean
Mcclure Mcclue
Mccorkindell Mccorkindall
Mccormick Mccormack
Mccollum Mccollam
Mccollister Mcallister
Mcconnall Mcconnal
Mcconnell Mccullow
Mccullok Mccullock
Mccorkley Mccrokeley
Mcclaughry Mcglaughrey
Mccaffety Mccafarty
Mcinilly Mcanaller
Mccarty Mccanty
Mccartie Mckerter
Mcdaniel Mcdonald
Mccarty Carthy
Mccarty Mccarter
Mcallister Mcallster
Mcdearmot Mcdormot
Mcannelly Mcennelly
Mcdonald Macdonald
Mcdonel Mcdonald
Mcallister Mcalister
Mcclusky Mcglaskey
Mcfarlane Mcpharland
Mcphaile Fell
Mcfield Maxfield
Mcdonald Mcdaniel
Mcgeorge Mcjore
Mcginty Mcguintie
Mcnalley Mcinilly
Mcclowd Mcclod
Mcgowen Magowen
Mcclaymont Mcclymont
Mcgriager Mcgrager
Mcloughlin Mclaughlin
Mclaughlin Mcglaclen
Mcgrigor Mcgregor
Mckay Mckey
Mccarroll Mcardle
Mcedchine Mcacteon
Mckee Mcgee
Mckennusen Mckenniwen
Mckenzey Mackensey
Mckenzie Mackenzie
Mckerter Mccartie
Mcbride Macbride
Mcauly Auly
Mcaulay Mcaulay
Mcaulley Mcaulay
Mcannelly Mcannally
Macannally Mcaneley
Mcalester Mcalisther
Mcauly Mcculty
Mcauley Mccawley
Mcarthur Mccarthy
Mcbryde Macbryde
Mckee Mcgee
Mckeller Mckiller
Mccuine Mcquinn
Mcdowell Mcdowall
Mcvea Mcvay
Mclarn Mclaron
Mclane Mclean
Mcdaniel Macdaniel
Mclean Mclain
Mcveu Mcvay
Mcheoun Mcevan
Mccaskell Mccaskle
Mckelly Mckellelt
Mcdonell Mcdonald
Mccullen Mccolm
Mcdonald Mcdoneld
Mckenley Kinley
Mcnamara Namar
Mcparlan Mcpahlin
Mccolm Mccallum
Mccormack Mccormick
Mckiddy Mckiddie
Mckean Mckewen
Mccann Mchann
Mcdormett Mcdermott
Mckinsey Mackenzie
Mckey Mackey
Mcfarline Mcfarland
Mcloud Mcleod
Mcginnes Mcginnis
Mcclaren Mclaren
Mcfarlane Mcfarling
Mcelvin Mcilwaine
Mclane Mcklane
Mcdonald Macdonald
Mccredie Mcreadie
Mccall Mccowell
Mccabe Mcceabe
Mchew Mayceur
Mcdowall Macdowall
Mclaughlan Mclaghlan
Mccormick Cormick
Mcclean Mclean
Mcnight Mcnaight
Mcfaddin Fadlin
Mcdowell Mcdougal
Mcquire Mcgaire
Mccartan Mccarty
Mcdougall Mcdouall
Mckenzie Mackenzie
Mccoy Mckay
Mckie Kee
Mcmellon Mcmullins
Mcintair Mcintire
Mclaughlin Mclocklin
Mcfaten Mcfadyen
Mcfarlan Mcfarland
Mcdonald Macdonell
Mchie Kee
Mcdugall Mcdougal
Mclenan Mclennan
Mcdonald Mcdonell
Mccullaugh Mckellar
Mccauley Carley
Mclean Mcclean
Mcdonogh Mcdonough
Mcdonald Macdonald
Macallum Macolm
Mcdonald Mcdaniel
Mccain Mckean
Mckenzie Mckinzie
Mcmutry Mcmurtry
Mcvoy Mcevoy
Mcklin Maclyn
Mcrobie Mccroby
Mckinnan Mckannon
Mcknight Knight
Mcgoughy Mcgauchy
Mcclelland Mcclennan
Mclean Mclears
Mcgoevring Mcgovern
Mckye Mackay
Mcneale Mcneil
Mcneate Neat
Mcneil Neal
Mccullam Mccollim
Mcrarey Mccarey
Mcleane Mclears
Mclaughlin Mclocktin
Mckeand Mackarnd
Mceffe Mackafee
Mccoyd Mccoy
Mccartey Mccarthy
Mcnight Mcnaight
Mcwherter Mcwhirtor
Mcfarran Macfarran
Mcdonnald Mcdonald
Mcneill Mcneal
Mcclaughlin Mclaughlin
Mckewen Mcquin
Mcgown Mcgowen
Mcmahan Mcmain
Mckee Mackee
Mckillay Mckeller
Mckiddie Mckiddy
Mccoy Mccarey
Mckay Mccoy
Mccarroll Mcardle
Mckinley Mckelly
Mclish Mcleish
Mcvane Mcvaine
Mcclatchy Mcclachy
Mcclure Mccure
Mccoy Mckey
Mcgirdle Mcgrady
Mcdowell Duel
Mcdermott Mcdormett
Mccall Mccawl
Mcdonnills Mcdonald
Mckinley Mackinley
Mcgowren Mcgouron
Mcdonald Mcdonnald
Mclean Mcclane
Mccarthy Mccarty
Mcnab Mccabe
Mccarty Carthy
Mcginnys Maginnis
Mcquire Mcguire
Mcgill Gill
Mccarroll Carroll
Mckinwin Mckinman
Mcvoy Mcevoy
Mccarty Mccarthy
Mcleod Mccloud
Mcvica Mcvicar
Mcclernan Mcclanen
Mcentosh Mcintosh
Mckinzie Mckenzie
Mccarty Mccarthey
Mcgibbons Mcgibbins
Mcfarlan Mcfarlalnd
Mccallum Mccullum
Mckenny Mckeney
Mceving Mcavon
Mcclelland Mcclennon
Mcvicker Fickhard
Mccrea Mccree
Mcdaniel Mcdonald
Mcmurray Murray
Mcleod Macleod
Mclean Mclain
Mcfagan Mcfadyn
Mccollum Mcculllum
Mcclure Mcclewen
Mckenney Mckenny
Mcmin Mcmins
Mcvicker Pickhard
Mcnemara Mcnamara
Mcritchie Mackritchy
Mcloghlin Mclocklin
Mcvoy Mcvay
Mclean Maclane
Mcquona Mcowen
Mccloughlin Mcclaughlin
Mclatchie Mclatchy
Mcdonald Mcdonnell
Mcneille Mcneill
Mcclymont Mcclalymont
Mccosharan Cosharon
Mckinley Mcinlay
Mchendlie Henley
Mcclauaghlin Mclochlan
Mckenzie Mckinzey
Mckinzie Mackinzie
Mcniven Mcnevan
Mccoskaran Cosharan
Mccain Kean
Mcvicar Mcbicker
Mcgreger Mcgregor
Mccoy Mckay
Mclaughlin Mclauglin
Mclaren Maclaren
Mcadam Mcadams
Mcallester Mcallister
Mcfarlane Mcfarling
Mcgee Mckay
Mcgoggin Mcgogging
Mcclean Mclean
Mcdanell Mcdonald
Mccowan Mccorn
Mcdonald Macdonald
Mcmullen Mcmullan
Mcdaniell Mcdaniel
Mcgrigger Griggor
Mckenzy Mckenzie
Mcdunagh Donogh
Mckay Mackey
Mcclaughry Mcclaugherry
Mckense Mckenzie
Mcgill Gill
Mccracken Mccrackey
Mcewen Mcevans
Mccugh Mckew
Mccrees Crees
Mckew Mchew
Mccann Mccaun
Mcredie Mccredie
Mcdonald Mcdougald
Mcgra Mcgrath
Mcgrath Mcgrough
Mclaren Mclearen
Mckeen Mckeane
Mcoun Mckon
Mcclusky Mcglaskey
Mcrae Mcrea
Mcclowd Mcclod
Mccarthy Mccarty
Mcleod Mccloud
Mckinnia Mckinnie
Mclean Lane
Mcleren Mclaren
Mcnorton Mcnaughton
Mccall Mccowel
Mckay Mcgee
Mcdonald Mcdonogh
Mckay Mackay
Mccullagh Cullon
Mcausland Mcauslam
Mcreynold Mcrandell
Mclaughlin Mclaughlan
Mccauley Mccaulay
Mckellar Mckelly
Mccankey Mckonkey
Mcclun Mcclune
Mcdermett Mcdermott
Mclocklin Mcclockin
Mcfadyan Mcfagan
Mccollister Mcallester
Mcdonald Mckaniel
Mcferlin Mcfarling
Mccnamara Mcnamara
Mccann Mccaun
Mccollister Mcallester
Mcdanell Mcdonald
Mcdaniell Mcdaniel
Mcdermett Mcdermott
Mcdonald Macdonald
Mceachran Mceacharn
Mcgill Gill
Mcgoggin Mcgogging
Mcgrigger Griggor
Mckense Mckenzie
Mclaen Mclean
Mclaren Mclearen
Mclocklin Mclockin
Mcmath Macmath
Mcmichell Mcmitchell
Mcmullen Mcmullan

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