English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames H

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This information was originally compiled for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Haamsteede Haamstede
Habbershaw Habbeshaw
Habgood Abgood
Hachson Hutcheson
Hackerston Halkerstone
Hacket Halket
Hacket Hakkett
Hackin Hachin
Hacouil Hawho
Hadaway Hathaway
Haddle Heddle
Haddon Hatton
Hadie Hiedie
Hadley Headley
Hadley Audley
Hadley Hendley
Haer Hare
Hagan Hoggan
Hagan Eagon
Hagart Haggart
Hagarty Hagerly
Hagen Haggin
Haggcar Haggar
Hagget Halket
Hague Haugue
Hague Hagg
Haidey Haday
Hail Heil
Hailes Hales
Hailstone Ehlstow
Haines Hine
Haines Ainge
Haines Haynes
Haines Haimes
Haines Hayne
Hains Haynes
Hains Hain
Hainsworth Ainsworth
Hair Hare
Haite Heat
Hale Harle
Haley Healy
Haley Hadley
Halfpenny Hapney
Hall Hill
Hall Hole
Hallackson Talackson
Hallaghane Holland
Hallett Hollett
Hallett Elliott
Halley Hurley
Halliman Holliman
Halling Hawling
Halliwill Hallwill
Halloran Hallaran
Hallridge Aldridge
Halls Hall
Hally Halley
Halnone Hallerman
Halpen Halpin
Halsey Hallsy
Haltom Holtom
Halton Hilton
Halwood Hamwood
Hamar Hamer
Hambelton Hambleton
Hambelton Hamilton
Hambling Hamblin
Hambliton Hamilton
Hambrook Hambroock
Hambrook Hambrok
Hambrook Hambroock
Hamell Hannels
Hamer Amers
Hamilton Hamlinton
Hamilton Hambleton
Haminger Armiger
Hamlin Hamillon
Hamlin Hamben
Hamlon Hamelin
Hamlton Hamilton
Hamlyn Hamblyn
Hammands Hammonds
Hammill Hammond
Hammins Hammons
Hammon Hammond
Hammond Hammand
Hammond Hamond
Hammond Hammand
Hammond Hamond
Hammond Hamman
Hamon Hamond
Hanasen Hannisan
Hance Hantz
Hancock Haycock
Hancock Hencock
Hancorne Hanorn
Hancox Hancock
Handcock Hancock
Hanee Haunee
Hanes Haynes
Haney Heaney
Hangishshoo Hangishshaw
Hanham Hannan
Hanigan Hannigan
Hanington Hannington
Hanington Henington
Hanington Hannington
Hanley Henly
Hanlon Handlon
Hanlon Handlin
Hanlon Hanlen
Hannant Hannon
Hanney Hannah
Hannon Hannan
Hannon Annand
Hans Hanns
Hansel Hance
Hansen Hanson
Hansley Hinsley
Hanson Anson
Hanson Hensen
Hanson Handsom
Hanson Anson
Hanten Hanton
Hanotn Hinton
Hanygan Hannigan
Haranton Harrington
Harbeart Herbert
Harber Harbor
Harbert Herbert
Harbin Aubin
Harbison Iveson
Harbottel Hairbottle
Hardcastel Hardcastle
Hardcastell Hardcastle
Hardel Hardhal
Hardeman Hardiman
Harden Harding
Hardey Harday
Hardgrove Hargrove
Hardie Hardy
Hardie Hardiee
Hardie Hardy
Hardin Harding
Harding Harden
Hardings Hardins
Hardisty Hardesty
Hardwick Hardewicke
Hardy Hardey
Hardy Harding
Harfet Hartford
Harford Hurford
Hargett Harget
Hargraves Hargreages
Hargraves Hargreaves
Hargreaves Hargroves
Hargreaves Hargraves
Hargreaves Hargrave
Hariman Harraman
Hariott Harrott
Harison Harrison
Hariss Harrison
Harkds Arcus
Harkiss Herkess
Harlah Harlour
Harley Hurly
Harman Harmen
Harman Hammond
Harman Harmwood
Harmond Harman
Harmonies Harmoney
Harnick Hornigk
Harolt Harell
Harood Harwood
Harourt Harker
Harp Herp
Harper Harput
Harper Harpur
Harragon Harragan
Harraway Harrway
Harrett Harrold
Harries Havries
Harriman Harryman
Harrimon Harriman
Harrimount Harimount
Harris Harrise
Harris Harries
Harris Harriss
Harris Haris
Harrison Herrison
Harrison Harrisson
Harrison Harrson
Harrison Harison
Harrod Herod
Harrold Harold
Harrow Arrow
Harrower Harrowar
Harrower Harroway
Harsley Hazle
Hart Heart
Hartburn Harburne
Harclay Hartley
Hartly Hartley
Hartnell Hurtnell
Hartnoll Hartknoll
Hartree Hurtry
Hartwell Heartwell
Hartwell Hartall
Harvey Hervey
Harvie Harvy
Harvie Harvey
Harward Harwood
Harwood Harrod
Harwood Harrord
Harwood Harywood
Harwood Harrwood
Hasel Hazell
Haselgrove Haslegrove
Hasell Hazel
Haske Hasker
Haskett Hasket
Haslam Halam
Haslam Haslums
Haslett Harslett
Haslewood Hasellwood
Haslom Haslem
Hassall Haswell
Hassall Assell
Hassell Hasel
Hassell Haswell
Hassell Ashwell
Hasser Hassar
Hastree Hawstrey
Hasty Hastie
Hatfield Atfield
Hatfull Hatfield
Hathway Hatheway
Hatwork Hardwick
Havenagh Cavenagh
Haver Heaver
Haverton Hoverton
Haviland Havilard
Hawaorth Howard
Hawes Haws
Hawford Harford
Hawkey Hackoy
Hawkey Hawkes
Hawkings Hawkins
Hawkins Hawlkings
Hawks Hawkes
Haws Hauz
Haws Hall
Hawshire Hewsher
Hawsom Holsom
Hawthorn Thorn
Hay Hays
Hay Hoy
Hay Haze
Hay Hays
Haycock Heacock
Haycraft Heycraft
Haydon Heydon
Hayens Haines
Hayes Haies
Hayes Hays
Hayes Hay
Hayes Hease
Haylor Hayler
Hayman Heyman
Haymes Eames
Hayne Haine
Hayne Hoyen
Haynes Hayens
Haynes Hinds
Hays Hay
Hay Hayes
Haysome Haysom
Haywade Hayward
Hayward Howard
Hayward Haywood
Hawead Haward
Hazeldine Hazledine
Hazell Hasell
Headen Eaden
Headen Haydon
Heag Hague
Heagarty Hagerty
Heagerty Hagarthy
Heagorty Haggarthy
Heal Hall
Healand Holland
Heald Yell
Healey Haley
Healey Healy
Healey Elly
Healley Healey
Healy Haley
Heans Hynes
Heany Hany
Heapes Hapes
Heard Herd
Heard Heird
Hearison Harrisen
Hearl Earle
Hearn Ahern
Hearn Earn
Hearn Herne
Hearn Hearne
Hearn Hearon
Hearn Heron
Hearn Herron
Hearsfield Hearsfeild
Hearson Herson
Hearvey Harvey
Hease Hays
Heath Heth
Heaton Hayton
Heattrill Hateril
Heaume Hume
Heaume Hieaume
Heavering Hefferin
Heavey Hevy
Hebborn Hebburn
Hebden Abden
Heberon Hebron
Hebo Heboe
Hebron Hepburn
Heckly Heggly
Hedden Heden
Hedding Haydon
Hedditch Harwich
Hedgcock Hedgecock
Hedger Hedgar
Hedges Hodges
Hedgland Hedgeland
Hedley Hadlely
Hedley Edley
Heffernan Haffernin
Hegarty Hogarty
Hegarty Hegerty
Heggie Heggei
Heght Hegt
Hegman Hegbon
Hellems Hellums
Hellett Hallett
Helliar Hillier
Hellier Hiller
Hellon Helleen
Hellun Hellon
Helly Helley
Helsa Helsaw
Hemans Hemmings
Hembrough Hembroug
Hemingway Hemmingway
Hemsley Helmsley
Hemsley Hamsley
Henchman Hinchman
Henderson Anderson
Hendley Hindley
Hendley Henley
Hendlie Henley
Hendorson Henderson
Hendrick Henrick
Hendrick Hendrickson
Hendrie Henry
Hendry Henry
Hendtas Hendrass
Hendy Henby
Henery Henry
Henessy Hennesey
Henkin Ankin
Henley Hanley
Hennnan Hannen
Hennessy Henessy
Hennessy Hunessy
Henning Kenning
Henning Hennings
Hennor Hennon
Hennysen Henesy
Henrick Harrick
Henry Henery
Henzell Kenzell
Henzy Hendsey
Hepburn Hypburn
Hepple Kepple
Herault Kerault
Herbert Harbutt
Herbert Harbert
Hercus Arkers
Herd Hird
Hereson Harrison
Herey Harvey
Heris Herris
Heritage Heretage
Hermitage Armitage
Hernbery Herringbury
Herne Harne
Heron Herre
Heron Hearne
Heron Hearon
Herrauldd Herrald
Herring Heron
Herring Herrin
Herring Heron
Herrington Harrington
Herrington Eddington
Herriot Harriot
Herrison Harrison
Herrold Herrald
Hesketh Heskegh
Heskett Hiscutt
Heslop Alsop
Heslop Hyslop
Hessletine Hesletine
Hestle Hisler
Heuchan Heuchans
Hevey Havey
Hew Hughes
Hewbank Huebank
Hewetson Huitson
Hewett Hewitt
Hewit Hewill
Hewitson Hewetson
Hewitt Hewett
Hewitt Hewit
Hewitt Houett
Hews Hughes
Hewson Huston
Hewston Eustim
Hewston Hewson
Hey Hay
Heyden Hyden
Heyland Hyland
Heyman Hyman
Heywood Haywood

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