English Phonetic Surname Aliases 1750 to 1800, Surnames B

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This information was originally compiled for the Family History Department/Family History Library from the will indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury by volunteers in 1984.  Feel free to add others you have found.


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Baar Beer                           
Baart Baert
Babbage Babbidge
Babbs Bebb
Bachillor Batchillor
Backer Becker
Backhouse Backhuse
Backon Bacon
Backster Baxter
Badham Baham
Baerd Beard
Baets Bates
Bagge Baggs
Baggeley Baggley
Baggot Bagott
Bagnall Bagnel
Bagster Baxter
Bagwill Bagwell
Baile Bealle
Baile Bailey
Bailey Baliff
Bailey Baley
Bailey Bayley
Bailey Baily
Bailiss Bayliss
Bailley Baily
Bain Bayne
Bain Beain
Bain Bayne
Bainard Baynard
Baines Beans
Bains Bynes
Baird Beard
Baitt Beatt
Baker Beaker
Baker Barker
Bakevell Bakewell
Balchin Ballchin
Balding Baldwin
Baldry Boldry
Baldwin Boldwin
Baldwin Boldwen
Bale Beale
Baleine Balleine
Ball Balle
Ball Biall
Ballantine Ballantyng
Ballantyne Ballentyne
Ballard Barlord
Ballash Bellache
Ballentin Ballentine
Ballentine Bellington
Ballentyne Ballantyne
Balsant Balson
Bampfield Bampfild
Banbury Benbury
Banes Bans
Banham Benham
Banister Bannister
Banks Brankston
Bannestar Bannister
Bans Banes
Baptists Baptist
Baratt Barratt
Barbar Barber
Barber Barbor
Barclay Barlay
Barclay Barckley
Barcuss Barkus
Bard Bird
Barden Barding
Bardine Bardon
Bardsley Bazley
Bare Bear
Bareman Beerman
Barens Barents
Barerk Barrack
Bares Barnes
Barfoot Beaufort
Baringer Barrenger
Baringer Barringer
Bark Barke
Barkell Bucknell
Barkely Barkley
Barker Berker
Barkington Bartington
Barklay Barkly
Barklay Barclay
Barley Barly
Barnard Bernard
Barnards Bernard
Barnes Barns
Barnet Bernot
Barnet Barrnett
Barnet Barnett
Barnett Bearnett
Barnicott Bennicutt
Barnop Bearnup
Barns Barnson
Barns Barnes
Baron Barron
Barrack Barerk
Barrack Berg
Barrat Barret
Barrat Barrett
Barratt Barrett
Barret Barrett
Barret Barritt
Barrett Barrow
Barrickstrum Bingstrom
Barrill Burrill
Barrington Varington
Barross Burroughs
Barross Burrows
Barry Bary
Barry Berry
Barseet Brassett
Barsuck Bassett
Bartey Bartley
Barth Bath
Barthold Berthold
Bartholmew Bartholomew
Bartholmew Barthomu
Bartlat Bartlett
Bartlet Bartlett
Bartlett Beartlett
Bartley Barclay
Barwick Berwick
Barwis Barboss
Barwise Burrows
Bary Barry
Bazelle Beezley
Basell Bassill
Bashfield Blashfield
Baskerfield Baskerville
Bassack Bassett
Batchelder Batchelor
Batchelor Batchlor
Bate Bates
Bateman Badman
Bateman Batman
Bates Beat
Bates Baets
Bath Bathe
Batley Botley
Batson Beatson
Batterson Batteson
Battie Beattie
Battrick Battrich
Batrich Battrick
Battrich Bartich
Baughurst Boughst
Bawdan Boarden
Bawden Bowden
Bayley Beley
Baylis Bailis
Bayzard Baysand
Bazley Bardsley
Bazley Beasley
Beach Beech
Beacham Betcham
Beacham Beauchamp
Beadlen Bedland
Beaford Beeford
Beaghan Baughan
Beaglehole Bagelholle
Beain Bain
Beak Bick
Beak Beek
Bealby Beilby
Beale Bale
Beales Bealy
Beall Beal
Bean Beane
Beanham Beauham
Beany Beney
Beare Beer
Bearen Byrne
Bearer Bearing
Bearley Beaslay
Bearns Burn
Beasley Beezley
Beasom Bissom
Beaumont Bemen
Beavan Bevan
Beaven Beavn
Beaven Beavin
Beaven Biffen
Beavens Beavon
Beck Beeak
Beckerleg Beckerley
Beckett Becket
Beckford Bedford
Beddinson Boddiston
Beddoes Beddoss
Beddow Bedds
Beddingfeld Bedingfield
Bedland Beadlin
Beech Beach
Beeck Beek
Beeg Baig
Beek Bick
Begg Beggs
Beiard Beard
Beilby Bilby
Beilby Bilbee
Belfridge Belvridge
Belitha Belitho
Bellamy Bellamay
Bellamy Bellamey
Bellingham Bellinghm
Belman Bellman
Bembo Bembow
Bendrickson Bendixson
Benedick Benedix
Benedickson Bendixson
Benet Bennett
Benfield Benfold
Bennet Bennett
Bennett Bentt
Benning Benningh
Bennington Benington
Benny Binney
Bergin Burgon
Berkeley Bertley
Bermingham Birmingham
Bern Birn
Bernard Berner
Bernard Besnard
Berry Burry
Berryman Burryman
Berthwell Burtwell
Betley Botley
Bett Beett
Bettel Bettle
Bettesworth Bettsworth
Bettridge Brettridge
Bevan Biffin
Bevean Beven
Beveridge Berridge
Bex Bexoe
Bexx Bex
Beyem Beyen
Beynon Bynon
Bezley Bisley
Biall Ball
Bibby Bibbey
Bichard Bishar
Bick Peke
Bickell Bickel
Bickerstaff Bigerstaff
Biddecom Biddlecom
Biddelcombe Biddlecombe
Biden Byden
Biffin Bevan
Bigg Biggs
Biggs Briggs
Biggs Baggs
Billensley Billingsley
Billind Billing
Billinge Billings
Billinton Billington
Binager Binigar
Bindley Bingley
Birnell Birell
Binfeild Bingfeild
Bingstrom Barrickstrum
Binkes Binks
Binney Binhey
Binney Benhey
Birch Burch
Bird Byrd
Bird Budd
Bird Bord
Birk Burk
Birket Buckett
Birmingham Browningham
Birnie Burnie
Birtt Burtt
Bisher Busher
Bispham Bisphan
Biss Bisse
Bissick Bissicks
Bixbe Bixbie
Blacdon Blackden
Blachford Blackford
Blachord Blatchfor
Black Blake
Blackall Blackhall
Blackaller Blackler
Blackborrow Blackburgh
Blackburn Blackburen
Blacke Blake
Blackey Blakley
Blackey Blakey
Blackley Blakesly
Blacklock Blalock
Blackman Blacman
Bladen Blaton
Blaine Blaise
Blainy Bleny
Blair Blear
Blake Blatch
Blake Black
Blamy Blamey
Blamy Blamely
Blanard Blanchard
Blanchard Blancherd
Blanchard Blanched
Blanckert Blankert
Blaney Blayne
Blaney Blean
Blankinsop Blenkensop
Blasford Blashford
Blashfield Bashfield
Blatchford Blachford
Blayth Blyth
Bless Bliss
Blew Blue
Blewit Buick
Blews Blowse
Blumfield Bromfield
Blustrode Bulstrode
Blyth Blythe
Boadle Boudle
Boar Bower
Boarder Bawden
Boarley Boley
Bocher Butcher
Body Boddy
Bodyer Woodger
Bodyman Bodiman
Boes Boyce
Bogghurst Boggust
Bohanan Bohans
Boik Box
Bold Bowles
Boley Boarley
Bolin Bowling
Bolitha Bolither
Bolton Boltoun
Bolton Boulton
Boman Bowman
Bone Beane
Bonus Bownass
Boogdart Boogert
Bookam Bookham
Boreston Borrison
Bork Bourke
Borne Burn
Bornham Burnham
Borridle Bowerdale
Borrow Burrow
Boston Bston
Bottamley Bottomley
Bouers Bowers
Bound Bownd
Bourke Burke
Bourn Brown
Bourne Burne
Bourne Bourn
Bourton Burton
Bousin Bowsey
Bowditch Bowdith
Bowen Bowing
Bower Bowers
Bowerman Bowman
Bowers Bowles
Bowers Bouers
Bowling Bolin
Bowling Bowring
Bowsher Boshea
Boy Bowie
Boyce Boyes
Boyear Boyer
Boylan Boyle
Bracbridge Bracebridge
Bracken Breacon
Bracknell Bragnell
Brad Braid
Braderick Broderick
Bradford Broadfoot
Bradley Broadlie
Bradshaw Brodshaw
Brady Braeder
Braets Braats
Braid Bread
Brailsforth Brolsforth
Braithwaite Brathwaite
Bramhall Brunhall
Bramham Branham
Bramley Broomley
Bramly Bromley
Brammah Brammer
Brand Braund
Brandreth Brandretts
Branfield Branfield
Branford Brentford
Brangin Branging
Branhan Bronon
Brankston Banks
Brannan Brendon
Brannan Brenon
Brannan Branner
Brannick Brennick
Branton Brenton
Brasem Braasem
Brash Brass
Brasher Brasier
Brassett Barseet
Brathwaite Braithwaite
Brayan Bryent
Brayent Bryan
Breackell Brickill
Breacon Bracken
Breader Brady
Breadhead Broadhead
Breading Bredon
Brehalt Brehaut
Bremer Brimmer
Brennick Brannick
Bres Brese
Breton Britton
Brett Britt
Brewin Brewen
Brewis Bruce
Brewsey Brusey
Brewster Brwstr
Brickell Bricklan
Brickford Brigford
Bridge Bridges
Bridge Brigg
Bridges Brigies
Bridgett Bridget
Bridgman Bridgeman
Brien Bryant
Brien O'Briant
Brighten Briting
Brightworth Brithwhith
Brignall Brignell
Brinkworth Brinkwoth
Brion Bryant
Bristoe Bristow
Bristow Bristol
Briton Britton
Brattain Brittonnor
Broace Bruce
Broadrick Brodie
Brock Brooks
Brodrick Broderick
Broke Barker
Bromadge Bromage
Bromfield Brownfield
Bromfield Blumfield
Bromhall Bromhill
Bromhead Bromhet
Bromsgrove Broomsgrove
Bromuck Bronwick
Bromwell Brumwell
Brookbanks Brooksbank
Brooke Brooks
Brookes Brooks
Broomhall Brumhall
Brophy Prophy
Browjohn Brown
Brown Browne
Brownall Brownhall
Brownine Browning
Bruce Bryce
Bruce Spruce
Brun Lebrun
Bryan Bryant
Bryan Brien
Bryant O'Bryan
Brydges Bridges
Bryerly Bryerley
Bryett Bryatt
Bryne Bryan
Buchannan Buchanan
Buck Bourk
Buckeley Bulkley
Buckingame Buckingham
Buckle Buckel
Buckley Bougley
Budden Button
Buffitt Burfatt
Bugberd Bugbird
Bulcock Bullock
Bullen Fitzbullin
Bullen Bulling
Bullman Bulman
Bulmer Bulner
Bumpsfield Bumfield
Bunn Burn
Buntin Bunting
Burbidge Burbridge
Burch Birch
Burden Borden
Burden Burdon
Burdge Burge
Burges Burgess
Burgis Burgess
Burhouse Burroughs
Burleigh Burley
Burlison Balderston
Burmley Burnley
Burrell Burvill
Burridge Burroughs
Burridge Bowditch
Burroughs Burrows
Burrous Burrows
Burrowes Burrows
Burtchell Burchell
Burton Button
Burtt Burt
Bush Brush
Bussa Bussow
Bustle Bussell
Buttergree Pettergree
Bydder Bidder
Byham Bioham
Bynon Beynon
Byrn Bunn
Byrne Burne