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*[http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/bmdr/ www.bmdregisters.co.uk] ($) (Indexes free)
*[http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/bmdr/ www.bmdregisters.co.uk] ($) (Indexes free)
=== Cenus Records  ===
=== Census Records  ===
(Records locating families & individuals at a specific place and time)  
(Records locating families & individuals at a specific place and time)  

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English Resources

Information about England and its genealogical records.

  • wiki.familysearch.org This site is being built and continually added to by the genealogical community. Always new information being added to help with any form of genealogical and family research.
  • www.genuki.org.uk Provides various links to research websites for the British Isles
  • www.cyndislist.com (Great links to online English research)
  • England Genealogy Websites A vast collection of England genealogy websites
  • Forums.familysearch.org Submit research problems or questions online and receive research suggestions and tips from experts all over the world.
  • www.a2a.org.uk Search for records in county archives throughout England

Church Records

Baptismal, marriage, & burial records

Church of England (Anglican)'


Those not belonging to the Church of England

Census Records

(Records locating families & individuals at a specific place and time)

Civil Registration

Births, marriages, and death certificates

  • www.freebmd.org.uk-  Indexes to birth, marriage and death certificates from England and Wales starting July 1837-1983. Original certificates are located at the General Registrar’s Office in London. Using the information found in the index you then must order the certificate online at www.gro.gov.uk
  • www.ukbmd.org.uk- Indexes to birth, marriage and death certificates from England and Wales  from July 1837-1983 at the the local registrar’s office. Select a county and then click 'County.' Not complete for all counties and some counties may not have an index to the the local registrar's office. Includes other valuable links to records as well. 
  • www.ancestry.com ($) Indexes to birth, marriage and death certificates from England and Wales starting July 1837-1915. Must order certificates from England.
  • www.findmypast.co.uk ($) Indexes to birth, marriage and death certificates from England and Wales. Must order certificates from England.
  • www.thegenealogist.co.uk ($)
  • www.gro.gov.uk- Website for ordering birth, marriage, and death certificates from England and Wales.

Court Records


Locate ancestors at a specific location and time

LDS Sources

Records of 19th Century LDS converts


Finding information/records if an ancestor served in the British military



  • www.familysearch.org > United Kingdom and Ireland. Includes miscellaneous records such as poor law, tax assessments, probate, court, monumental inscriptions, etc. for select counties.
  • www.connectedhistories.org A variety of digital British records & papers including: Convict Transportation Registers, House of Commons papers, London Lives, 1690-1800, Charles Booth Archive, Old Bailey records, British Newspapers, 1600-1900, and more.
  • www.google.com Use this search engine to find your ancestors (in a Google search type “Surname” (of your ancestor) + name of the parish or county from where they came from.
  • Other Search Engines: (www.bing.com, www.yahoo.com, www.ask.com, www.dogpile.com)
  • www.Mocavo.com ($) A genealogy search engine. Type the name of an ancestor and watch as the search results only appear if they may have genealogical value pertaining to your ancestor.
  • www.genesreunited.com Use this website to find distant relatives via a common ancestry.
  • www.origins.net Apprenticeship records

Passenger Lists

Tracing English emigrants/immigrants

  • www.ancestry.com ($) Many passenger lists including those arriving at US and Canadian ports. Also a database for those returning or visiting the British Isles from 1878-1960.
  • www.findmypast.co.uk ($) Passenger lists of those leaving the British Isles (1890-1960); also a Register of passport applications, 1851-1903.
  • www.ancestorsonboard.com ($) Passenger lists of those leaving the British Isles (1890-1960)
  • www.ellisisland.org- 1892-1956 (New York passenger lists)
  • www.castlegarden.org- 1820-1913 (New York passenger lists pre Ellis Island)
  • www.immigrantships.net- Passenger lists from all over the world- must search each volume as there is no searchable index.
  • immigrants.byu.edu- Tracks LDS converts in ships migrating to America.

Wills / Probate

May name spouse, children, or other family members

  • wiki.familysearch.orgFor wills pre-1858. Wiki.familysearch.org > type the name of the county and then add Probate i.e. “Worcestershire Probate.” Gives step-by-step instruction on how to find a will. Click the letter of the alphabet to the parish where your ancestor died. May include links to online indexes and include the microfilm numbers to the images of wills at the Family History Library.
  • www.ancestry.comFor wills post-1857 (a direct link). Or go to the home page of Ancestry.com > click Search > click Card Catalog > in the Keywords type National Probate. For microfilm image of the will go to wiki.familysearch.org > type Principal Probate Registry. This links to microfilm numbers at the Family History Library. www.familysearch.org Kent wills online 1440-1881
  • www.origins.net ($) Includes a National Wills Index
  • www.nationalarchives.gov.uk Index to wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  • www.thegenealogist.co.uk ($) Index & images to wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
  • www.findmypast.co.uk ($) Includes transcripts of various probate courts.

Maps, Gazetteers, and Placenames

Helps understand where ancestor came from

Cemeteries & Burials

Find where an ancestor is buried

Repositories in England

Repositories are where original records are kept and housed. These include archives and libraries and County Record offices.

For additional information on major England websites click here.