Elizabethtown, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Census, Elizabethtown, Precinct #1.

Erick Anderson see W.H. French

Frank Argue, May 1865, English Canada, emigrated 1880, Placer miner; Lotta E (wife) June 1867, English Canada, emigrated 1888, 2 children, 2 living; Lora F. (daughter) July 1890, Pennsylvania; Vincent F. (son) October 1892, Pennsylvania.

H.H. Argue, July 1843, English Canada, emigrated 1864, Placer miner; Ellen (wife) April 1844, English Canada, emigrated 1869, 5 children, 3 living; Edward H. (son) June 1873, Pennsylvania, Assayer; Pearl (daughter in law, wife of Edward) July 1877, Pennsylvania, 1 child none living;

Mary Arnold (widow) July 1826, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 8 children, 5 living, Housekeeper.

Jessie Ashbough, February 1874, Colorado, Quartz miner; Jim E (brother) August 1879, New Mexico, Quartz miner.

Fred E Baine (Baiur), March 1868, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1887, Quartz miner; Allice C.(wife) April 1870, Iowa, married 11 years, 1 child, 1 living; Hazel (daughter) September 1891, Colorado.

Berl Batisce see S.B. Stevens

Antonio Bear see Justus Wilfelder (Uhlfelder)

George E Beebe, November 1848, Ohio, Saloon Keeper; Romana (wife) May 1855, New Mexico, no children; Rubia Sanchez (mother in law) April 1825, New Mexico

B.M. Blackwell, December 1860, Texas, Blacksmith; Fannie (wife) October 1866, Iowa, 2 children, 1 living; Bennie (daughter) July 1891, Arkansas.

L.E. Booth (Boorlip), March 1830, Connecticut, Maxwell Co. Agent

William JBowman see Theodore Canard

Harry Brainard, November 1864, Ohio, Saloon Keeper; Susie A (wife) March 1870, Iowa, 3 children, 3 living; Harry J (son) October 1890, Iowa; Carl F (son) Ohio; Edna J (daughter) September 1898, Colorado; Fredrick (father) September 1836, Ohio, Merch Taylor; Maude (Marieta) Rogels (sister in law) June 1879, Missouri, servant.

Lorin Brown, August 1861, Iowa, Newspaper publisher; Casandra (wife) October 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Amy C (daughter) January 1890, New Mexico; Bascom H. (son) December 1891, New Mexico; Roy D. (son) February 1896, New Mexico; Violet F (daughter) February 1898, New Mexico; Leslie V. (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

L.J. Burt see W.H. French

ThomasByrd, October 1852, Tennessee, Quartz miner; Fillissata (wife) March 1876, New Mexico, 3 children, 3 living; Thomas (son) November 1895, New Mexico; John (son) April 1898, New Mexico; Henry (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

Leo L Cahill, April 1874, Michigan, Physician; Joseph W Quick (roomer) November 1870, Missouri, Jeweler;

TheodoreCanard, December 1865, Illinois, Prospector; Louis Haberstich (partner) September 1851, Indiana, Prospector; William J Bowman (roomer) April 1874, Texas,  Quartz miner; William M Harper (roomer) , October 1860, Texas, Quartz miner;

Juan Candalario, January 1868, New Mexico, day laborer; Rafaelita (wife) February 1882, New Mexico, married less than 1 year, no children; Avaristo (son) January 1894, New Mexico;

Albert Carrillo, September 1873, New Mexico, Quartz miner; Elisa (wife) August 1879, New Mexico, 3 children, 3 living; Lara L (daughter) September 1896, New Mexico; John Edward (son) January 1898, New Mexico; Amalia H. (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico; Jacob Hoydaljo (brother in law) March 1882, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Juan Carrillo, September 1839, Mexico, emigrated 1865, Day laborer; Francisca (wife) December 1843, New Mexico, 8 children, 8 living; Catarina (daughter) August 1880, New Mexico; Augustina (daughter) November 1883, New Mexico.

Mariano Carrillo, April 1866, New Mexico, Placer miner; Andrea (wife) November 1864, New Mexico, no children; Theodora Gomes (sister) January 1855, Colorado, 1 child, no living, House keeper; Pasifeca Gomes (adopted sisters daughter) August 1895, Colorado.

Rafael Carrillo, December 1870, New Mexico, Day laborer; Carlota (wife) November 1867, New Mexico, 5 children, 2 living; Indalacio (son) May 1895, New Mexico; Gregoria (daughter) September 1897, New Mexico.

J.F. Carrington, October 1837, Virginia, Carpenter; C.M. (wife) March 1860, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Emma (daughter) January 1882, New Mexico; Frank J. (son) March 1884, New Mexico; Mabel (daughter) April 1887, New Mexico; Grace (daughter) September 1896, New Mexico.

Hoer* Child, April 1865, Pennsylvania, Prospector.

Thomas Clausen, March 1845, Pennsylvania, Prospector.

A. Clauson, December 1850, New York, Compositor.

Walter Clement see W.H. French

Neff Day, November 1863, Ohio, Placer miner; Emma J. (wife) October 1864, Ohio, School Principal.

Frank H Dericks, May 1870, Germany, emigrated 1883, Saloon Keeper;

Charles J Dold, January 1854, Iowa, Superintendent of Mines; Rose E. (wife) April 1858, Iowa, 5 children, 4 living; Louis R. (son) January 1888, Missouri; Karl C. (son) March 1890, Missouri; Hazel C. (daughter) January 1892, Missouri; Dora R (daughter) April 1894, Missouri; Bertie L Weidling (niece) February 1879, Iowa; Ida L. Northrop (cousin) October 1884, Missouri, servant.

G.E. Downey, July 1864, Tennessee, Day laborer; Filuida (wife) September 1870, Missouri, 5 children, 5 living; Lucricia (daughter) April 1890, Montana; Elisia M. (daughter) October 1892, Washington; Liefie (daughter) December 1896, Oregon; Blossom (daughter) December 1896, Oregon; Gordon B. (son) May 1899, New Mexico;

Charles Drake, January 1861, Wyoming, Teamster; Casimera (wife) December 1879, New Mexico, 3 children, 2 living; Eldran C. (son) April 1895, New Mexico; Adelina E. (daughter) April 1898, New Mexico

T.L. Dunlap see W.H. French

Mari* Duran, March 1845, New Mexico, Placer miner; Romalita (wife) January 1857, New Mexico, 2 children, 1 living.

William Edling, February 1842, Germany, emigrated 1857, Carpenter; August W. (son) February 1870, Pennsylvania, Coal miner; Henry Flierl (partner) June 1849, Germany, emigrated 1872, Quartz miner

HiginioEiveara (sp?) see Jose Sandoval

Achelles Falk, March 1845, Bavaria, Germany, emigrated 1879, Prospector. 

Henry Flierl see William Edling

W.H.H. French, September 1850, France, emigrated 1853, Hotel Keeper; Eva (wife) April 1866, England, emigrated 1876, 2 children, none living; Iowa M French, March 1881, Kansas, Hotel Servant; Erick Anderson (boarder) January 1869, Kansas, Quartz Miner; Jack Rupp (boarder) June 1869, Ohio, Quartz miner; Peter Hanson (boarder) December 1870, Denmark, emigrated 1887, Stationary Engineer; Walter Clement (boarder) September 1870, Massachusetts, Quartz miner; T.L.Dunlap (boarder) March 1867, Missouri, Electrical Engineer; L.J. Burt (boarder) September 1868, Iowa, Lawyer.

Herman Froelick, March 1840, Germany, emigrated 1865, General Merchant; Refulia (wife) July 1842, New Mexico, 8 children, 6 living; Emilia (daughter) August 1884, New Mexico; Theresa (daughter) May 1886, New Mexico; Elisa (daughter) June 1888, New Mexico; Laura (daughter) January 1890, New Mexico; Jamie (sp?) January 1892, New Mexico.

Owen Froely, January 1860, Michigan, mine laborer.

Herman Funke, November 1866, Germany, emigrated 1884, Barber; Theresa H. (wife) April 1867, Germany, emigrated 1884, 4 children, 4 living; Anna M. (daughter) February 1892, Colorado; Helena W. (daughter) March 1894, Colorado; Ida (daughter) February 1896, Colorado; Dewey (daughter) May 1898, New Mexico.

Pacifica Gomes see Mariano Carrillo

Theodora Gomes  see Mariano Carrillo

Joseph T Grigsby, July 1871, Louisiana, Quartz miner.

Louis Haberstich see Theodore Canard

Peter Hanson see W.H. French

J.N. Harms, June 1854, Germany, emigrated 1872, Carpenter; E.F. (wife) November 1852, Indiana, 3 children, none living.

William M Harper see Theodore Canard

Joe A. Herberger, August 1877, New Mexico, Musician; Timattea (wife) February 1882, New Mexico, no children.

Cipriano Hidalgo, July 1875, New Mexico, Quartz miner; Emilia (wife) October 1873, New Mexico, 7 children, 1 living; Juanita (daughter) November 1893, New Mexico.

Dolan (sp?) Hoerberger (widow) October 1849, New Mexico, 9 children, 4 living, Housekeeper; Thomas (son) December 1870, New Mexico, Bartender.

Ernest Holdoway, July 1860, England, emigratedd 1872, Quartz miner.

Jacob Hoydaljo see Albert Carrillo

F Huntington, August 1850, Vermont, Meat Market; Lilly (wife) April 1869, English Canada, 5 children, 5 living; Walter S (son) January 1890, Missouri; Charlotte (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico; Francis (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico; John (son) December 1895, New Mexico; Susie (Lusie) (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico.

H. Huntley, September 1866, Illinois, Treasurer of Mine Co; Fannie (wife) February 1861, Pennsylvania, no children.

Clauson Jones, April 1838, West Virginia, Hotel Keeper; Laura V. (wife) March 1843, West Virginia, married 27 years, no children, Hotel Cook; Westly F. (adopted son) May 1882, New Mexico, Hotel Waiter; Allen R Sinclair (boarder) December 1864, Iowa, Stage driver;  J.W.McKay (boarder) April 1826, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1851, Amalgamator.

Jasper Kammerer, September 1860, Germany, emigrated 1880, Quartz miner; Maria T (wife) October 1865, Germany, emigrated 1887, 3 children, 1 living; Eva M (daughter) July 1895, Missouri.

James P Kelly, January 1857, Kentucky, Saloon Keeper; Mary L. (wife) June 1859, Missouri, 4 children, 2 living; Perry Lu (daughter) December 1886, Missouri.

Jim C Kelso, July 1862, Kansas, Mechanical engineer; Liely M (wife) August 1867, Kansas, 2 children, 1 living.

Louis Lenardo, August 1869, Austria Tyrol, emigrated 1885, Saloon Keeper;  

Joe F Linsey (Linney) see William N Strother

Joseph Lowrey, April 1840, Michigan, Hydraulic Mining; Elizabeth (wife) April 1863, New Mexico, 8 children, 6 living; Jannie M (daughter) October 1885, New Mexico; Mary L (daughter) June 1886, New Mexico; Bessie O. (daughter) April 1888, New Mexico; Annie F (daughter) August 1893, New Mexico;  Joseph H. (son) September 1895, New Mexico; William M. (son) March 1898, New Mexico; Mary A. Lucite (sp? Smith?) (mother in law) (widow) July 1840, England, emigrated 1858, 3 children, 2 living; Elizabeth Ratliff (Grandmother in law) (widow) England, emigrated 1858, 1 child, 1 living.

Mary A. Lucite (sp? Smith?) see Joseph Lowrey

JamesLynch (Lynde) December 1858, Ireland, emigrated 1870, Bank president; Patrick (brother) March 1834, Ireland, emigrated 1862, Mine Superintendent; Mary (sister) February 1855, Ireland, emigrated 1870, artist of art; Mary Malley (servant) October 1875, Ireland, emigrated 1885, family cook.

Archibald Majors, August 1843, Illinois, Grocery salesman.

Mary Malley see James Lynch

Vicente Martinez, April 1846, New Mexico, Farm laborer; Vanita (wife) June 1847, New Mexico, 11 children, 2 living; H.H. (son) April 1873, New Mexico, US Mail Carrier.

William McGee, December 1862, Ohio, Quartz miner; Elizabeth (wife) July 1863, West Virginia, 4 children, 1 living; Emma T. (daughter) November 1889, Kansas.

A McIntire, August 1861, New York, Quartz miner; W.P. (brother) November 1863, New York, Quartz miner

J. McIntosh, January 1868, Florida, Hotel Keeper; Mathilda (wife) December 1883, English Canada, emigrated 1898, 1 child, 1 living; Rubie (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico; Westly Simmons (boarder) October 1869, Ohio, Quartz miner; William A Stevens (boarder) January 1880, Missouri, Barber;

J.W.McKay see Clauson Jones

Victor Medina, March 1840,New Mexico, Day laborer; Josephina (wife) March 1868, New Mexico, 9 children, 7 living; Rumalita (daughter) September 1882, New Mexico; Maximiano (son) November 1884, New Mexico; Civilia (daughter) August 1890, New Mexico; Margarita (daughter) January 1893, New Mexico; Gregorio (son) April1894, New Mexico; Hinovaeva (daughter) July 1898, New Mexico; Abralia (daughter) August 1899, new Mexico.

Thomas Mooney, May 1868, Ireland, emigrated 1886, Quartz miner; Minnie (wife) April 1864, New York, 1 child, none living.

George W Moore, August 1867, New Mexico, Placer Miner; Nannie L. (wife) August 1868, Wyoming, 3 children, 3 living; Mary E. (daughter) May 1885, New Mexico; Houbert W. (son) April 1888, New Mexico; John T. (son) May 1891, New Mexico.

Flodoardo D Morse, March 1845, New Jersey, Editor; Florence C (wife) March 1852, New York; Louis C (son) September 1885, Kansas;

Michael Murphey, September 1836, Ireland, emigratedd 1847, Quartz miner.

Hoernig Mutz, January 1864, Germany, emigrated 1887, Farmer; T.A. (wife) September 1864, Illinois, 7 children, 7 living; Augusta (daughter) April 1888, New Mexico; Adolf (son) September 1889, New Mexico; Emil (son) July 1891, New Mexico; George (son) July 1893, New Mexico; Hoerman (son) December 1894, New Mexico; Walter (son) June 1897, New Mexico; Elizabeth (daughter) December 1899, New Mexico.

Ida L.Northrop see Charles J Dold

Patrick O'Malley, March 1864, Pennsylvania, Quartz miner.

William H Parke, March 1854, Indiana, Blacksmith; , F.W. Wetherill  (partner) March 1834, Ohio, Day laborer.

Iowa M. Payne see W.H. French

Harry Pearson, April 1882, New Mexico, Grocery salesman; Grace M (wife) April 1882, Missouri, no children.

John Pearson, July 1848, Sweden, emigrated 1866, General Merchant; Nephina (wife) May 1855, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 11 children, 8 living; Emma O (daughter) July 1873, New Mexico; Roy F. (son) August 1887, New Mexico; George E. (son) February 1890, New Mexico; Lily W. (daughter) January 1894, Colorado; Charles A (son) October 1877, New Mexico, Freighter; Wilhelmina (daughter in law, wife to Charles) February 1878, Nebraska, 1 child, 1 living;  Quist W. (grandson) May 1898, New Mexico.

John Pearson Jr., January 1880, New Mexico, Grocery clerk.

Peter J Perry, December 1848, French Canada, emigrated 1866, Grocery Clerk; Sara C (wife) November 1851, Pennsylvania, 5 children, 4 living; Norman B (son) May 1877, Wisconsin.

Edward Peters, January 1858, Kentucky, Justice of the Peace.

Edison Poak, August 1868, Illinois, Horse trader; Joesie (wife) June 1868, Missouri, no children.

Henry Pritchard, April 1858, Wales, emigrated 1885, General Merchant; Delora (wife) March 1865, England, emigrated 1888, 3 children 2 living; Frank W. (son) March 1889, England, emigrated 1890; Ellen I. (daughter) April 1891, New Mexico.

Joseph W Quick see Leo Cahill

Elizabeth Ratliff see Joseph Lowrey

Andrew J Raught, August 1847, Indiana, Placer miner; Elizabeth (wife) December 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Joe A. (son) March 1887, New Mexico; Albert L (son) May 1891, New Mexico; Thomas W. (son) August 1893, New Mexico; Carolina (daughter) November 1895, New Mexico; Andrew (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Michaels Regan, August 1834, English Canada, emigrated 1836, Quartz miner.

Thomas Richey, April 1836, Ohio, Placer miner; Guld (Guhl) A. (wife) January 1858, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 7 children, 5 living; Sam G. (son) February 1881, New Mexico, Blacksmith; Burt A.C. (son) October 1887, New Mexico; Mabel E. (daughter) March 1889, New Mexico; Loyd J. (son) August 1892, New Mexico; Pearl I. (daughter) October 1895, New Mexico.

Mon* Rigney (Riguey, Rigwey), August 1850, Virginia, Grocery salesman; Mabel E. (wife) July 1860, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1860, 7 children, 6 living; Alma A (daughter) July 1884, New Mexico; Cornalia A (daughter) April 1886, New Mexico; Mary I. (daughter) June 1889, New Mexico; Montie E. (son) May 1891, New Mexico; Milton W (son) February 1898, New Mexico.

Maude (Marieta) Rogels see Harry Brainard

Moses A Rogers, April 1833, New York, Saddler.

Jesus (sp?)Romero, February 1864, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Jack Rupp see W.H. French

Rubia Sanchez  see George Beebe

Joseph Sandoval, April 1840, New Mexico, Day laborer; Enacita (sp) (wife)  October 1846, New Mexico, married 38 years, no children; Higinio Eiveara (sp?) (lodger) January 1848, Mexico, emigrated 1861, Placer miner.

Edwin F.Sayre, November 1873, Colorado, Bartender; Annie M. (wife) August 1876, Colorado, 3 children, 3 living; Forrest E (son) July 1895, Oklahoma; John L. (son) June 1898, New Mexico; Lestly L. (son) February 1900, Oklahoma; J.H. Williams (father in law) February 1836, Missouri, Saloon Keeper.

Joseph Scheringer, November 1873, Missouri, Teamster.

John E Sheeley, February 1857, New York, Quartz miner.

Westly Simmons see J McIntosh

Allen R Sinclair see Clauson Jones

George Spinner (sp?), February 1853, Ohio, Freighter

S.B. Stevens, June 1857, Vermont, Machinist; L.M. (wife) May 1862, Wisconsin, married 2 years,1 child, 1 living; Berl Batisce (son) March 1884, Iowa, Messenger boy.

William A Stevens see J McIntosh

William N Strother, May 1875, Missouri, Quartz miner; Emma M. 9wife) September 1877, Colorado, no children; Joe F Linsey (Linney) (boarder) September 1872, Kentucky, Quartz miner.

James Vickers, October 1871, England, emigrated 1881, Quartz miner; Laura M (wife) December 1873, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Louis C. (son) July 1893, New Mexico; Lillian E (daughter) October 1895, New Mexico; Ertel H (daughter) December 1897, New Mexico; John J (son) January 1900, New Mexico.

Bertie L Weidling see Charles J Dold

F.W. Wetherill see William H Parke

W. Wheitscarver, June 1849, Kentucky, Livery stall Keeper; Georgeana (wife) October 1860, New York, 3 children, 3 living; George (daughter) December 1887, Kansas; Mearle (daughter) April 1889, Colorado; Bessie (daughter) June 1890, Colorado.

Justus Wilfelder (Uhlfelder) October 1852, Germany, emigrated 1870, General Merchant; Antonio Bear (roomer) January 1861, Pennsylvania, Grocery salesman.

J.H. Williams see Edwin Sayre

J.A. Zwergel, February 1856, Michigan, Quartz miner; Elizabeth (wife) November 1867, Kentucky, married 4 years, no children.