Elizabethtown, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Census, Elizabethtown, Precinct #1.

Erick Anderson see W.H. French

Frank Argue, May 1865, English Canada, emigrated 1880, Placer miner; Lotta E (wife) June 1867, English Canada, emigrated 1888, 2 children, 2 living; Lora F. (daughter) July 1890, Pennsylvania; Vincent F. (son) October 1892, Pennsylvania.

H.H. Argue, July 1843, English Canada, emigrated 1864, Placer miner; Ellen (wife) April 1844, English Canada, emigrated 1869, 5 children, 3 living; Edward H. (son) June 1873, Pennsylvania, Assayer; Pearl (daughter in law, wife of Edward) July 1877, Pennsylvania, 1 child none living;

Mary Arnold (widow) July 1826, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 8 children, 5 living, Housekeeper.

Jessie Ashbough, February 1874, Colorado, Quartz miner; Jim E (brother) August 1879, New Mexico, Quartz miner.

Berl Batisce see S.B. Stevens

B.M. Blackwell, December 1860, Texas, Blacksmith; Fannie (wife) October 1866, Iowa, 2 children, 1 living; Bennie (daughter) July 1891, Arkansas.

Harry Brainard, November 1864, Ohio, Saloon Keeper; Susie A (wife) March 1870, Iowa, 3 children, 3 living; Harry J (son) October 1890, Iowa; Carl F (son) Ohio; Edna J (daughter) September 1898, Colorado; Fredrick (father) September 1836, Ohio, Merch Taylor; Maude (Marieta) Rogels (sister in law) June 1879, Missouri, servant.

Lorin Brown, August 1861, Iowa, Newspaper publisher; Casandra (wife) October 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Amy C (daughter) January 1890, New Mexico; Bascom H. (son) December 1891, New Mexico; Roy D. (son) February 1896, New Mexico; Violet F (daughter) February 1898, New Mexico; Leslie V. (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

L.J. Burt see W.H. French

ThomasByrd, October 1852, Tennessee, Quartz miner; Fillissata (wife) March 1876, New Mexico, 3 children, 3 living; Thomas (son) November 1895, New Mexico; John (son) April 1898, New Mexico; Henry (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

Leo L Cahill, April 1874, Michigan, Physician; Joseph W Quick (roomer) November 1870, Missouri, Jeweler;

Albert Carrillo, September 1873, New Mexico, Quartz miner; Elisa (wife) August 1879, New Mexico, 3 children, 3 living; Lara L (daughter) September 1896, New Mexico; John Edward (son) January 1898, New Mexico; Amalia H. (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico; Jacob Hoydaljo (brother in law) March 1882, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Juan Carrillo, September 1839, Mexico, emigrated 1865, Day laborer; Francisca (wife) December 1843, New Mexico, 8 children, 8 living; Catarina (daughter) August 1880, New Mexico; Augustina (daughter) November 1883, New Mexico.

Mariano Carrillo, April 1866, New Mexico, Placer miner; Andrea (wife) November 1864, New Mexico, no children; Theodora Gomes (sister) January 1855, Colorado, 1 child, no living, House keeper; Pasifeca Gomes (adopted sisters daughter) August 1895, Colorado.

Rafael Carrillo, December 1870, New Mexico, Day laborer; Carlota (wife) November 1867, New Mexico, 5 children, 2 living; Indalacio (son) May 1895, New Mexico; Gregoria (daughter) September 1897, New Mexico.

J.F. Carrington, October 1837, Virginia, Carpenter; C.M. (wife) March 1860, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Emma (daughter) January 1882, New Mexico; Frank J. (son) March 1884, New Mexico; Mabel (daughter) April 1887, New Mexico; Grace (daughter) September 1896, New Mexico.

Hoer* Child, April 1865, Pennsylvania, Prospector.

Thomas Clausen, March 1845, Pennsylvania, Prospector.

Walter Clement see W.H. French

Neff Day, November 1863, Ohio, Placer miner; Emma J. (wife) October 1864, Ohio, School Principal.

Frank H Dericks, May 1870, Germany, emigrated 1883, Saloon Keeper;

G.E. Downey, July 1864, Tennessee, Day laborer; Filuida (wife) September 1870, Missouri, 5 children, 5 living; Lucricia (daughter) April 1890, Montana; Elisia M. (daughter) October 1892, Washington; Liefie (daughter) December 1896, Oregon; Blossom (daughter) December 1896, Oregon; Gordon B. (son) May 1899, New Mexico;

Charles Drake, January 1861, Wyoming, Teamster; Casimera (wife) December 1879, New Mexico, 3 children, 2 living; Eldran C. (son) April 1895, New Mexico; Adelina E. (daughter) April 1898, New Mexico

T.L. Dunlap see W.H. French

W.H.H. French, September 1850, France, emigrated 1853, Hotel Keeper; Eva (wife) April 1866, England, emigrated 1876, 2 children, none living; Iowa M French, March 1881, Kansas, Hotel Servant; Erick Anderson (boarder) January 1869, Kansas, Quartz Miner; Jack Rupp (boarder) June 1869, Ohio, Quartz miner; Peter Hanson (boarder) December 1870, Denmark, emigrated 1887, Stationary Engineer; Walter Clement (boarder) September 1870, Massachusetts, Quartz miner; T.L.Dunlap (boarder) March 1867, Missouri, Electrical Engineer; L.J. Burt (boarder) September 1868, Iowa, Lawyer.

Herman Froelick, March 1840, Germany, emigrated 1865, General Merchant; Refulia (wife) July 1842, New Mexico, 8 children, 6 living; Emilia (daughter) August 1884, New Mexico; Theresa (daughter) May 1886, New Mexico; Elisa (daughter) June 1888, New Mexico; Laura (daughter) January 1890, New Mexico; Jamie (sp?) January 1892, New Mexico.

Herman Funke, November 1866, Germany, emigrated 1884, Barber; Theresa H. (wife) April 1867, Germany, emigrated 1884, 4 children, 4 living; Anna M. (daughter) February 1892, Colorado; Helena W. (daughter) March 1894, Colorado; Ida (daughter) February 1896, Colorado; Dewey (daughter) May 1898, New Mexico.

Pacifica Gomes see Mariano Carrillo

Theodora Gomes  see Mariano Carrillo

Peter Hanson see W.H. French

Joe A. Herberger, August 1877, New Mexico, Musician; Timattea (wife) February 1882, New Mexico, no children.

Dolan (sp?) Hoerberger (widow) October 1849, New Mexico, 9 children, 4 living, Housekeeper; Thomas (son) December 1870, New Mexico, Bartender.

Ernest Holdoway, July 1860, England, emigratedd 1872, Quartz miner.

Jacob Hoydaljo see Albert Carrillo

F Huntington, August 1850, Vermont, Meat Market; Lilly (wife) April 1869, English Canada, 5 children, 5 living; Walter S (son) January 1890, Missouri; Charlotte (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico; Francis (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico; John (son) December 1895, New Mexico; Susie (Lusie) (daughter) November 1896, New Mexico.

Clauson Jones, April 1838, West Virginia, Hotel Keeper; Laura V. (wife) March 1843, West Virginia, married 27 years, no children, Hotel Cook; Westly F. (adopted son) May 1882, New Mexico, Hotel Waiter; Allen R Sinclair (boarder) December 1864, Iowa, Stage driver;  J.W.McKay (boarder) April 1826, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1851, Amalgamator.

Jasper Kammerer, September 1860, Germany, emigrated 1880, Quartz miner; Maria T (wife) October 1865, Germany, emigrated 1887, 3 children, 1 living; Eva M (daughter) July 1895, Missouri.

James P Kelly, January 1857, Kentucky, Saloon Keeper; Mary L. (wife) June 1859, Missouri, 4 children, 2 living; Perry Lu (daughter) December 1886, Missouri.

Jim C Kelso, July 1862, Kansas, Mechanical engineer; Liely M (wife) August 1867, Kansas, 2 children, 1 living.

Joe F Linsey (Linney) see William N Strother

J.W.McKay see Clauson Jones

Thomas Mooney, May 1868, Ireland, emigrated 1886, Quartz miner; Minnie (wife) April 1864, New York, 1 child, none living.

George W Moore, August 1867, New Mexico, Placer Miner; Nannie L. (wife) August 1868, Wyoming, 3 children, 3 living; Mary E. (daughter) May 1885, New Mexico; Houbert W. (son) April 1888, New Mexico; John T. (son) May 1891, New Mexico.

Flodoardo D Morse, March 1845, New Jersey, Editor; Florence C (wife) March 1852, New York; Louis C (son) September 1885, Kansas;

Patrick O'Malley, March 1864, Pennsylvania, Quartz miner.

William H Parke, March 1854, Indiana, Blacksmith; , F.W. Wetherill  (partner) March 1834, Ohio, Day laborer.

Iowa M. Payne see W.H. French

Harry Pearson, April 1882, New Mexico, Grocery salesman; Grace M (wife) April 1882, Missouri, no children.

John Pearson, July 1848, Sweden, emigrated 1866, General Merchant; Nephina (wife) May 1855, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 11 children, 8 living; Emma O (daughter) July 1873, New Mexico; Roy F. (son) August 1887, New Mexico; George E. (son) February 1890, New Mexico; Lily W. (daughter) January 1894, Colorado; Charles A (son) October 1877, New Mexico, Freighter; Wilhelmina (daughter in law, wife to Charles) February 1878, Nebraska, 1 child, 1 living;  Quist W. (grandson) May 1898, New Mexico.

John Pearson Jr., January 1880, New Mexico, Grocery clerk.

Peter J Perry, December 1848, French Canada, emigrated 1866, Grocery Clerk; Sara C (wife) November 1851, Pennsylvania, 5 children, 4 living; Norman B (son) May 1877, Wisconsin.

Edison Poak, August 1868, Illinois, Horse trader; Joesie (wife) June 1868, Missouri, no children.

Henry Pritchard, April 1858, Wales, emigrated 1885, General Merchant; Delora (wife) March 1865, England, emigrated 1888, 3 children 2 living; Frank W. (son) March 1889, England, emigrated 1890; Ellen I. (daughter) April 1891, New Mexico.

Joseph W Quick see Leo Cahill

Andrew J Raught, August 1847, Indiana, Placer miner; Elizabeth (wife) December 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Joe A. (son) March 1887, New Mexico; Albert L (son) May 1891, New Mexico; Thomas W. (son) August 1893, New Mexico; Carolina (daughter) November 1895, New Mexico; Andrew (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Thomas Richey, April 1836, Ohio, Placer miner; Guld (Guhl) A. (wife) January 1858, Denmark, emigrated 1859, 7 children, 5 living; Sam G. (son) February 1881, New Mexico, Blacksmith; Burt A.C. (son) October 1887, New Mexico; Mabel E. (daughter) March 1889, New Mexico; Loyd J. (son) August 1892, New Mexico; Pearl I. (daughter) October 1895, New Mexico.

Mon* Rigney (Riguey, Rigwey), August 1850, Virginia, Grocery salesman; Mabel E. (wife) July 1860, Nova Scotia, emigrated 1860, 7 children, 6 living; Alma A (daughter) July 1884, New Mexico; Cornalia A (daughter) April 1886, New Mexico; Mary I. (daughter) June 1889, New Mexico; Montie E. (son) May 1891, New Mexico; Milton W (son) February 1898, New Mexico.

Maude (Marieta) Rogels see Harry Brainard

Moses A Rogers, April 1833, New York, Saddler.

Jack Rupp see W.H. French

Edwin F.Sayre, November 1873, Colorado, Bartender; Annie M. (wife) August 1876, Colorado, 3 children, 3 living; Forrest E (son) July 1895, Oklahoma; John L. (son) June 1898, New Mexico; Lestly L. (son) February 1900, Oklahoma; J.H. Williams (father in law) February 1836, Missouri, Saloon Keeper.

Joseph Scheringer, November 1873, Missouri, Teamster.

John E Sheeley, February 1857, New York, Quartz miner.

Allen R Sinclair see Clauson Jones

S.B. Stevens, June 1857, Vermont, Machinist; L.M. (wife) May 1862, Wisconsin, married 2 years,1 child, 1 living; Berl Batisce (son) March 1884, Iowa, Messenger boy.

William N Strother, May 1875, Missouri, Quartz miner; Emma M. 9wife) September 1877, Colorado, no children; Joe F Linsey (Linney) (boarder) September 1872, Kentucky, Quartz miner.

James Vickers, October 1871, England, emigrated 1881, Quartz miner; Laura M (wife) December 1873, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Louis C. (son) July 1893, New Mexico; Lillian E (daughter) October 1895, New Mexico; Ertel H (daughter) December 1897, New Mexico; John J (son) January 1900, New Mexico.

F.W. Wetherill see William H Parke

J.H. Williams see Edwin Sayre

J.A. Zwergel, February 1856, Michigan, Quartz miner; Elizabeth (wife) November 1867, Kentucky, married 4 years, no children.