Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Genealogy

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United States > Massachustts > Plymouth County > Populated Places > Duxbury

Town Hall

878 Tremont St.
Duxbury, MA 02332

Quick History

Establishment and former town name(s) [1]

7 June 1637: "... Ducksburow shallbecome a towneship, ... and to have the prveledges of a towne..." (Plymouth Colony Records, Vol. 1, p. 62.)

Archiac name: Ducksburrow, Green Harbor, Namassakeesett, Mattakeeset

Section/Villages within the town: Ashdod, Captain's Hill, Cedar Crest, Duxbury Beach, Fordsville, Gardnerville, Hall's Corner, Hatchville, Island Creek, Millbrook, North Duxbury, Powder Point, South Duxbury, Tarklin, Tinkertown, West Duxbury


Boundary Changes [1]

2 March 1641: Bounds established.

3 June 1656: Part called the "Duxburrow New Plantation" established as Bridgewater.

2 March 1658: "Namassakeesett" annexex.

5 March 1661: Certrain tract of land granted to Duxbury and Marshfield.

5 July 1670: Bounds between Duxbury and the "Major's Purchase" established.

5 June 1678: Bounds established. 23 February 1683: Bounds between Duxbury and Marshfield established.

21 March 1712: Part included in the new town of Pembroke.

16 Jun 1726: Part included in the new town of Kingston

14 Jun 1813: Bounds between Duxbury andMarshfield established.

14 April 1857: Part annexed to Kingston.

Neighboring Communities

Kingston | Marshfield | Pembroke | Plymouth |



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  • 1855
  • 1865

Church History and Records





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Land and Deeds Records


  1. USGS GNIS FID 613907
  2. Google
  3. Hometown Locator

Military History and Records


Societies, Libraries and Museums

Town Records

Vital Records

  1. Google Book - Vital Records of Duxbury to the Year of 1850.



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